IT support WilmingtonAs the adoption of mobile phones at the workplace has introduced a new risk factor to corporate networks, IT support providers in Wilmington are now offering reliable mobile security solutions. In reality, as reported by Citrix, approximately 61% of the modern workforce uses mobile phones for work. While mobility in the workplace is a significant advantage, it is essential to defend against mobile-based security breaches, which exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps and operating systems. Doing so will allow you to benefit from a mobile security and maintain the integrity of the data within your internal networks. Here are the leading methods to mitigate mobile security breaches:

Deploy Application Security

The convenient access to enterprise applications and cloud-based solutions for remote connection to internal network resources may also be exploited by cybercriminals. It is, therefore, critical to employ maximum security, especially application-level security to protect against hacking attempts. With an application-level security tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Install application patches
  • Run constant vulnerability scans
  • Reinforce data access controls

As a result, you’ll be able to detect malware and phishing attempts and stop them before they can compromise your systems.

Strict Adherence to IT Policies

IT support providers in Wilmington help businesses create and administer IT policies to prevent risky user behaviors that result in security breaches. It is imperative to provide your employees with proper training on critical human errors that could lead to potential breaches. This creates the awareness of the right practices, which align with security policies and discourage the misuse of IT resources for non-work activities.

In addition, monitor the behavior of your employees in real-time and restrict the authorized access of network segments to the scope of their work to mitigate mobile-based network penetration attacks.

Enable Remote Management

The physical theft or loss of mobile devices is a grave risk and results in severe data breaches if a hacker cracks the device’s password. Apart from using strong passwords, you should enforce a remote device management service for mobile devices to enable the wipe off of critical data when devices are lost or stolen. So, in the event of a lost device, no data will be stolen in case a hacker successfully decrypts it.

Although the mobile workforce is the status quo, mobile security is a serious concern that you should prioritize to protect your business from mobile-based attacks. At Partners Plus Inc., as a leading IT support provider in Wilmington, we offer reliable mobile security solutions that feature MDM services. You can entrust us to transform your mobile security strategy into a failsafe defense line against cybercriminals. Contact us now for more information.