IT support Wilmington

IT support providers in Wilmington provide a number of different managed options. Sometimes, combining them may be best for your company; sometimes, you only really need one or the other. Take MSPs and MSSPs. If you're unfamiliar, MSPs are Managed Service Providers, while MSSPs are Managed Security Services Providers. Some MSPs function in the same capacity as MSSPs, but the needs of security are encouraging increased specialization in this field.

There are a lot of security threats out there and keeping ahead of them requires concerted professionalism of the highest order. An MSSP will primarily focus all its energies on providing comprehensive security from all angles.

Meanwhile, an MSP is going to manage all technology needs in an IT sense. End-user portals, servers, repair, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, new technology installation and/or transition, consultation, and education are all the responsibilities of traditional MSPs. However, many also provide security.

An Increasingly Threatening Market

An IT support provider in Wilmington can help you combat against increasingly pernicious threats. Did you know that cybercrime is estimated to have a monetary impact in excess of $2 trillion by next year? That trend is going to continue, unless something substantial checks it. Right now, hacking is a money market. There are professional organizations that function as startups that are devoted to cybercriminal enterprise; it's 21st century organized crime.

Complicating the issue is the pace of technological development. New technological capacity comes at exponentially increased rates about every 18 months. As we design better computers, we become able to design even better computers and the trend continues. This is very positive in most ways. However, it's negative in that with every new innovation, there is a new vulnerability. Entropy, meanwhile, makes older systems even more vulnerable.

There are also political intrigues which can develop into security-complicating situations. In 2017, WannaCry was a virus that affected 151 countries around the world. It did so because the NSA built a backdoor into certain machines for purposes of observation. That observation went public in March and the worm was launched by May. Those businesses that had a patch in place by an MSP or a security-specific MSSP didn't have anything to worry about. Those who didn't face the prospect of shut-down.

Comprehensive Protection

MSSPs are usually the best way to get the highest level of protection because they've got greater core alignment toward security. They can provide you:

  • Consultation
  • Education
  • Antivirus protocols
  • Automatic patching
  • Proactive monitoring
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk support
  • BDR/DRaaS
  • More relevant, cutting-edge solutions
  • Different rates than MSPs

MSPs can do all the same things, but they're likely going to provide them at a price that may be higher, though not always. It's the difference between getting your oil changed at a rapid lube joint or a service center. The service center's usually a bit more pricey. Both will do the job, but one will do it cheaper and better.

Attaining Security 

IT support in Wilmington through Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you comprehensive security and technology solutions at affordable pricing. Contact us for the latest in security, IT solutions, and consultation. We can help you securely optimize.