IT support WilmingtonHaving IT support in Wilmington can keep your company safe and protected. Many companies often overlook the risks of using a fax machine, as it hosts vital information regarding your organization and clients. This information can be used for identity theft, so it is important to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) that will keep your company secure from these threats.

Here are three simple yet highly effective ways that an IT provider can keep your fax machine safe and secure from identity theft:

1. Fax Machine Security Software

One of the top ways an IT provider can keep your fax machine protected is through the use of security software. Security software specializes in preventing identify theft from fax machines, as it allows the faxes to go directly to a user's desktop or mobile device. This type of security software prevents a fax from inadvertently falling into the wrong hands and is the perfect way to send confidential documents. Each fax is converted into a PDF document and can be easily printed from an employee's computer.

2. Electronic Records

Another benefit of having IT support in Wilmington is that it allows your company to have electronic records for each document that is faxed. These electronic records provide valuable information and allow you to see the time of the fax and the recipient. These tracking features are also perfect for satisfying audit trail requirements, as they provide essential information for each document that is sent through a fax machine.

3. Additional Training

An IT provider can give your employees additional training on the best way to handle confidential documents on a fax machine. Providing a detailed tutorial on how to use fax machine security software is a great way to minimize the chance of identity theft and is well worth the investment for any business. These training sessions are available at any time and are a perfect opportunity for new employees to learn the importance of handling confidential documents with the utmost care.

Choosing to have IT support in Wilmington offers a variety of benefits, including protecting your business from identity theft. If you are still using fax machines on a regular basis, it is important to install security software to minimize the chance of identity theft. At Partners Plus, we specialize in cybersecurity and give businesses access to the best tech available. Contact us now for more information.