IT support WilmingtonIT support providers in Wilmington provide mobile device management (MDM) solutions which can be integral in helping your business reduce operational expenses and expand profit margins. There are often a few different features of security which define this wing of tech security, including:

Cloud-Based Management

IT support providers in Wilmington provide cloud-based MDM as this is an ideal feature of the security solution. For most utilizing MDM, a cloud option of some degree has already been put into effect. Basically, servers are being outsourced to the cloud, and as a result, entire divisions of a corporation's employees are likewise becoming decentralized.

Bring your own device (BYOD) makes it possible to conduct work remotely--provided network access credentials are available. An outsourced server array through the cloud leads to outsourced workers, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Accordingly, MDM employs cloud solutions to ensure devices utilizing this innovation are properly secure. This offers greater advantages in terms of technological monitoring and availability while retaining the sought flexibility which makes BYOD so attractive.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, smart cars--the list goes on; there are many smart devices in the IoT (Internet of Things) realm today.

Multi-factor authentication works like this: when you go to log onto the network, a message is sent to a secondary device which gives you a code. You then enter that code into the network "gate" you're looking to pass through for access. MDM solutions often employ multi-factor authentication protocols to meter access.

Remote Software Updates and Deactivation

MDM makes it possible to send out security updates and the like. Additionally, devices can be deactivated at the tap of a screen or the press of a button. If some viral components threaten the network, remote deactivation of this kind is absolutely integral.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

MDM protocols facilitate monitoring and support solutions. Internal MDM will be lacking in this area, unless you've got enough funding to hire dedicated personnel.

Working with a managed service provider (MSP) makes the most sense; they can reliably monitor and support remote devices. Sometimes, a remote shutdown or upgrade isn't necessary, just a reconfiguration of one kind or another.

Fully Maximizing Device Utility

At Partners Plus, Inc., our IT support team in Wilmington can save you time and money in terms of mobile management through continuous monitoring and support, remote updates/deactivation, multi-factor authentication, and the extensive effectiveness of cloud-based management. If you're employing mobile devices without MDM, you're leaving yourself wide open. With MDM, you're able to experience innovation and associated benefit securely. Contact us now to learn more.