IT support WilmingtonIT support companies in Wilmington are forever answering questions about the cloud and whether it is here to stay. This is because people are familiar with the tendency for technology to travel in waves, and today’s bright new idea will often be forgotten tomorrow. Betamax, anyone? The cloud, however, is definitely here to stay and using it for a company’s IT infrastructure can now be considered a safe move. Many companies of all different sizes and industries are thinking of transferring or have transferred their systems to the cloud. Why is it so successful?

Cost Effectiveness

Moving your data and IT systems is a good investment as you will no longer have to service and maintain as much hardware. There will no longer be any need to upgrade your equipment to the newest model, and the staff that used to maintain them can be redeployed into more useful roles. It can help with budgeting, as well, because cloud providers generally work on a regular monthly subscription, which means you know exactly how much you have to pay at any particular time. It can be much easier to account for future spending if you are not at the mercy of nasty surprises because of outdated equipment breaking down or software bugs.

Productivity and Safety

IT support experts in Wilmington recommend the cloud specifically because it can transform the way you work and it affects how efficient your company can be. As your employees will be able to work from anywhere using whatever device they prefer, their productivity will naturally increase. Whether you have salespeople on the road or staff traveling around to visit customers, they will all be able to stay in touch and access the company’s systems wherever they are. You will also no longer have to worry about security, as this will all be taken care of by the cloud providers. And for data protection, if you have continual backups with a single system of record then in the unlikely event that something happens to your data, the latest information should always be available so that you can restore your systems as soon as possible.

If you are thinking about moving some or all of your systems over to the cloud, you will need the help of an IT support provider in Wilmington. Contact us now at Partners Plus and our IT experts can talk you through the savings you will make and how your data can be protected. When you can see all the benefits of the cloud, why would you not consider revolutionizing your business and putting yourself on the fast track to success?