IT support WilmingtonThe cloud is a specific area on the Internet that has been set up to be accessible from anywhere in order for anyone to store data or run applications. It makes sense that IT support firms in Wilmington would recommend it, since it has a number of advantages for small businesses and hardly any downsides.


The most obvious of these advantages is the cost benefit, since it removes the need for a small company to own, maintain and run servers or data centers. It has an almost unlimited capacity combined with an exceptional speed, making the equivalent data center setup out of reach of a small business' budget.


Obviously, with the recent ransomware threats and general cybercrime that seems to be common regardless of the size of the business involved, it makes sense for all companies to protect their data. In fact, that is the reason why so many firms have decided to use the cloud for their technology requirements, since the basic security aspects are excellent and can protect sensitive data from many threats. A small business looking to create its own data center would have to anticipate and combat all the expected data breaches and vulnerabilities, but offloading the responsibility to the cloud means that this is carried out for them.

The general security aspect of the cloud is fully compliant with a whole host of industry standards, including ISO and PCI regulations. This helps ensure that even the standard security it provides will probably be superior to that attempted in-house, unless you have a large IT department. The cloud, however, is very versatile. In fact, a wary security team can even add on a secure network on top of the standard security already provided.

Service Level Agreements

Another advantage that is usually overlooked when using an IT support company in Wilmington is that part of the process will include a service level agreement with them. This will take into consideration all the security and privacy conditions you need, how and when you have access to your data, and how portable your data should be. The agreement will need to be acceptable to both parties, but once it has been agreed upon, those features will consistently be met by your managed services provider. This means that they will get your technology systems back up and running, so that your company can continue operating, even in the event of a disaster, whether natural or otherwise. Downtime can be a huge worry for a small business, but an SLA can put your mind at rest about this.

While it can be a time-consuming and tricky operation to port all your data over to the cloud, IT support companies in Wilmington are experienced in exactly this type of procedure. Once you have made the decision to use the cloud for your day-to-day IT needs, then it is an easy process to find a suitable managed services provider to fit your requirements. At Partners Plus, Inc., we have many years of experience and specific expertise in this area and are just waiting for your call. Contact us today and let us help you save money while reinforcing your security.