managed IT services PhiladelphiaHiring a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia is a smart move, but it doesn't end there. You need to nurture and build the relationship so that the firm is on the same page with your business goals. Here are some basic steps to take to make sure that your managed service provider (MSP) is helping you move in the direction of your business plan:

Establishing Regular MSP Communication

Once you have selected a reputable and reliable managed IT services provider in Philadelphia, it's imperative to schedule regular meetings about your business goals. If you don't let your MSP know where you want to take your business, they might take it in a different direction than what you intended. Set your agenda and priorities for them, otherwise you might end up investing in technology you don't need. Cybersecurity, for example, should automatically be a top priority to fight cybercrime. You also need to prioritize how your company cuts costs to strengthen profit margins.

During these meetings, you should allow input from your MSP to help shape IT strategies that affect productivity and efficiency. The first step in establishing a better relationship with your provider is to establish a regular contact person from the firm to attend your meetings or conference calls.

Developing Your IT Roadmap

The concept of an IT roadmap is crucial to connecting your long-term business goals with strategies for improving your technology and how it's managed. This roadmap lets both parties see the future of your company and the path to get there. Some of the considerations for your roadmap may include:

  • Solutions for onsite and remote collaboration
  • Deciding on workforce tasks vs. automation
  • Understanding your industry's business cycles
  • Scalable solutions for future business growth
  • Identifying who is allowed access to specific resources
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Data backup and recovery plan

Goals typically require timetables, so it's important to at least work together with your MSP on meeting deadlines with a certain degree of flexibility. If you don't set deadlines to achieve specific milestones, it can lead to suspicion. Trusting your MSP is important to getting the most value out of them and nurturing a long-term relationship that pays off with consistency and cost-efficiency.


Working with a skilled and knowledgeable managed IT services provider in Philadelphia is only part of the equation to boost your company's technology profile. You also need to regularly communicate with your MSP to make sure they are providing you with the expertise and solutions you need to grow your business. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can take your business technology to the next level.