managed IT services Philadelphia, IT consulting PhiladelphiaTaking routine backups gives your company the ability to recover vital data if your systems are lost due to fire, hacking, theft, or other disasters. It's a basic safety precaution all companies need to follow. The way you take backups is just as important as doing it. According to experts on managed IT services in Philadelphia, using online backups offers particular benefits when compared to standard physical backups taken on-site.

1. It's Makes Recovery Easier

The well-honed mantra of taking data backups is to make multiple copies, at least one on-site and one off-site. Making a copy to an online archive makes it easier to get a copy off-site. So, if a recovery is needed, there isn't a scramble to find the last backup tape.

2. It's Safer

Physical tapes kept on-site are subject to the same physical dangers the servers are, namely fire, theft, and flood. Keeping online backups removes this potential problem. Plus, according to managed IT services experts in Philadelphia, you can secure online backups with encryption and other security protocols for true safety.

3. It's Convenient

Managing backups with physical hardware like flash drives, tapes, or external disks requires a person to handle the devices manually. Doing backups online removes this requirement, making the backup process much more convenient for busy IT teams. It allows them to get on with other work and not worry about going to the server room to handle backup media.

4. It's Accessible from Anywhere

If your physical facility experiences damage, you may have to set up operations at a different location. Online backups make data recovery much easier. Experts on IT consulting in Philadelphia advise it's as easy as getting the server setup in the new location and making the connection to the backup repository. It's one less hassle you have to deal with in an already stressful situation.

5. It's More Affordable

Hardware, like external drives, tape drives, and redundant servers, cost money. With online backups, you don't have to buy that expensive hardware. You pay a monthly fee for the online backup storage space you use. If you add a new database, you don't have to invest in new backup hardware. You just add more archive storage online.


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