managed IT services PhiladelphiaIt is quite concerning to learn a considerable number of businesses neglect disaster recovery provided by managed IT services providers in Philadelphia. The sad truth is many businesses have no idea just how lengthy the process of recovery really is. Furthermore, there is a massive cost associated with downtime stemming from the disaster. The silver lining is technology has advanced to the point that it is becoming easier to protect data. Though disaster recovery planning certainly differs by business, there are plenty of options at a multitude of price points for organizations of all types and sizes. Here is a closer look at the hybrid cloud for backups and business continuity:

The Basics of Business Continuity

Business continuity is a reference to a full backup and disaster recovery solution. Such a strategy safeguards data that is on-site as well as data stored in the cloud and on virtual servers. It does not matter if data is in SaaS applications, servers or elsewhere; it must be backed up. Business continuity takes it a step further, providing the ability to restore data. This action, known as disaster recovery, ensures the business is up and running in a short period of time during a natural disaster or other crisis. In particular, business continuity solutions that make use of the hybrid cloud will ensure a prompt restore time.

The Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is a backup solution that uses the first backup through a local device to replicate the backup on a cloud server. Solutions limited to the cloud are not as reliable in their own right as a result of bandwidth challenges. The hybrid model minimizes vulnerabilities with an implementation of processes to fill gaps. A large part of the appeal of the hybrid cloud is that it helps if something happens to the device on which data is stored. This is the smart business continuity every business needs.

The Challenge of Communication During Disruptions

When a crisis unfolds, communication proves that much more challenging. Our managed IT services team in Philadelphia can help you craft a communication plan for employees to rely upon to exchange information and remain safe amid crises. The details of each plan will differ by company, yet they should address how the business will protect employees during disasters, attacks, and other crises. Furthermore, the plan should explain how the business will communicate important information to employees during and after the event. Employees should have a means of accessing important applications and data, so productivity does not nosedive during this unfortunate event.

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