managed IT services Philadelphia, cloud computing PAManaged IT services in Philadelphia that remain relevant must continue to update their service provisions. The market is in continual flux and remaining static as a technology provider is basically retiring early. Accordingly, cloud computing has come to PA and now characterizes some understandably trending growth in this area.

The reason for this popularity has a number of layers. Cloud computing is basically a term to describe an array of servers networked together like pixels on a computer screen, or points of light on a neon billboard. Basically, each unit of information acts as a small part of the greater whole; and from a distance some animated picture results. With the cloud, each server acts as one part of a cohesive whole. Networked together, these servers are much more powerful than a single one could be. If one computer could process a terabyte in 1 minute, perhaps two could do it in 30 seconds, four in 15, eight in 7.5, sixteen in 3.75, and by the time you go to a thousand computers networked together, a terabyte would be processed in no more than .06 seconds!

Big Data

So, cloud computing makes data processing faster and more reliable in many respects. This allows for Big Data, which is used to identify large trends invisible otherwise. Big Data is a growth industry because it is so illustrative and effective. But beyond Big Data, general computing applications can be hosted from the cloud, and businesses can outsource their entire internal network to it, experiencing the same network service wherever they happen to have internet connectivity.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is the "desktop" of your company. Your entire staff can log on here remotely, do work, save it, and it will be on the network. You can cut out not only the cost of servers, but the cost of rental space as well, downsizing and allowing employees to work at their discretion from which locations please them. They become more productive, meanwhile.

Security Solutions

Then you've got security solutions to consider. Cloud computing allows for instantaneous recovery, continuous backup, and DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service. DRaaS can really save your business in a pinch, should something like a cyberattack crash your system or get your files held hostage.

Also, since cloud computing must grow to survive itself and providing reliable computing solutions for diverse clientele is their core prerogative, most providers of this service have some of the best security available on the market. They can really help you maintain your systems; oftentimes better than you'd be able to on your own. When you save money and time, have a better computational advantage, and top-tier security, an added bonus is increased competitiveness in the marketplace--- even among heavier hitters than your company.

Consolidated Advantages

To sum it up, the primary reasons cloud computing has gained so much support, momentum and popularity as a provision of managed IT services in Philadelphia include:

  • Cost-Savings
  • Computational Advantage
  • Security
  • Competitiveness

Securing Cloud Solutions

Managed IT services in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you cloud computing solutions that will speed up operations, secure them, and increase your competitiveness. Contact us for cloud computing support.