managed IT services PhiladelphiaDo you currently have assistance from managed IT services experts in Philadelphia for your backup and recovery procedures? If not, hopefully, you are still running regular backups of your data. Is it beginning to take longer than it used to for the backup to make copies of all the data you have? As the size of your company grows, the size of your IT infrastructure also grows, which can result in an increase in time taken for the backup to successfully copy everything. This will, of course, have a knock-on effect on the processing times of all your other IT systems, causing untold annoyance to both customers and staff.

The trouble occurs when a lengthy backup results in a lengthy restoration. The last thing you need, if you have some sort of disaster that requires your systems to be fully recovered to a safe point, is a long lead time before anything is usable again. Also, if you have many different applications all being backed up, they may have different recovery points, which makes it even harder to coordinate when recovery is required. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of continuous data protection.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

This is a much more cost-effective way of backing up your data and can be organized by managed IT services experts in Philadelphia, if you are unsure of the process. Basically, it begins with a backup similar to the ones that you will be carrying out now, and yes, that will be time intensive. However, that is the only occasion on which a complete backup is necessary. From then on, only the actual changes made to your data will be saved, and this process can be carried out almost instantaneously.

Benefits Of CDP

The fact that each small change can be saved simultaneously with other processes during the working day means— there is never a time where resources are choked up. Carrying out backups during the day will not impact on the responsiveness for the rest of your infrastructure— so it also means that server performance will not suffer. Saving only the parts of the system that have been changed results in much less space being required for storage. There is a huge reduction in disk space required, as the original backup will only be added to by the changed data as and when it is updated. Add this to the fact that your whole infrastructure can be restored to just before a disaster happens rather than going back to the time of the last backup, then these improvements could be invaluable for your business.

Partners Plus is a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia that can help you with this particular issue if you would like to revolutionize your backup procedures. We can dramatically reduce the time you currently spend on planning and backing up your data while also saving you disk space and server processing. Contact us now so that we can help you prepare for any eventualities. Then, if the worst should happen and disaster strikes, you will be able to waste as little time as possible getting your company processes back up and running again.