managed IT services Philadelphia, IT consulting PhiladelphiaThe business trend to "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) to work is something that an experienced managed IT services firm in Philadelphia can deploy to make your workplace more flexible. Individuals who are already comfortable with their own mobile devices don't need as much training or motivation to accomplish specific job tasks.

Here are ways that BYOD combined with IT services helps improve the workplace:

Cutting Upfront Costs

A top priority for your IT consulting firm in Philadelphia is to make your operation as efficient as possible. By allowing employees to bring their own devices, your company will not have to invest as much in computers and all the maintenance that goes along with it. You will also be able to save money on the energy and office space required for powering multiple computers.

Since a BYOD policy allows employees to work at their own pace beyond regular business hours, you will be creating flexibility among workers. The more you are able to accommodate the lifestyles of your employees, the more loyal they will be and less likely looking to find a better job. The less job turnover, the more money can be put into other areas of business.

If you are thinking about switching to a BYOD work environment, it's helpful to conduct a cost-benefit analysis. This report should include all the costs involved with conversion to a BYOD system. Part of the costs includes security software and training to raise awareness among employees how cybercriminals attack mobile devices.

Device Monitoring

Instead of buying a device for each employee, you simply need a quality control system that oversees each device brought from home. Mobile device management (MDM) software is the key to controlling which devices get to access the network. The IT team will be alerted when intruders invade the network and will be able to take immediate action to block them. An MDM system also allows the company to partition the device so that part is for business and the rest is for personal use. The IT firm will have the power to wipe and lock a lost device.

Another advantage to a BYOD policy is that it allows your workers to access the newest consumer technology, which can make them more productive at certain tasks. Your managed IT services provider in Philadelphia will need to stay up-to-date on all types of systems that are allowed to access your network and learn about the nuances of each.


Implementing a BYOD policy is best accomplished when working with a managed IT services firm in Philadelphia. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can make your workplace more mobile, secure, and flexible.