managed IT services PhiladelphiaAs a business owner, you need a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia to help you take proactive measures in cybersecurity to maintain business continuity. Attackers have recently targeted Facebook Messenger, a communication medium for many businesses communicate. Here are concepts to keep in mind when devising your strategy to counter adware:

Social Media Adware Risks

Adware is software that bombards users with ads while they are surfing online. While adware itself is not necessarily malicious like malware, it can disrupt a business, create latency, and collect information about the user. Many times the antivirus software is unable to detect adware as a cyber-threat.

Although social media sites such as Facebook stay on top of cyber-attacks, they can still be vulnerable to attacks that cause business disruption. Kaspersky Lab researchers recently learned that Facebook Messenger was attacked with malicious adware-spreading JavaScript. The sophisticated code used many domains to disguise the source and help earn clicks.

The malicious code was unleashed if an email victim followed the instructions of the message. By clicking a link, the victim wound up on a Google Docs page, which displayed a Facebook image of the victim. The image appeared to have a video "play button" on it that led to a series of websites and adware. It is unclear how this adware began circulating through Facebook.

Attackers use adware to make money off fraudulent clicks and to get access to Facebook accounts. In worst-case scenarios, the perpetrator plans a series of attacks over a long period to collect information about the victim. Once they have compiled enough information on the victim through Facebook, they stage a malicious attack.

How to Avoid Adware

It is important for your managed IT services provider in Philadelphia to stay a step ahead of adware spammers. Train the employees to avoid suspicious emails and websites can help achieve this goal. The two main ways that adware is distributed are from shareware and infected websites. Legitimate adware is often included in deals that provide free software as a way for the vendor to earn money.

Visiting an unknown website poses the risk of connecting with adware that installs on your computer. That is why it is helpful for an administrator to set policies on the websites are acceptable and those that are off-limits. If a user downloads adware, certain antivirus software such as Kaspersky can help clear it out.

Legitimate adware can install on a computer if the user agrees to try the program. Many times this adware discontinues displaying ads once you have registered or purchased the program. Some freeware, however, uses third-party adware that can remain installed after registration. In some cases, if you remove the adware it can create glitches in the software functions.

Sometimes adware can create the impression that a computer has been attacked with malware due to sluggish behavior. Regularly testing hardware and applications helps keep systems running smoothly.

You can gain a competitive edge. A Managed IT services provider in Philadelphia can help you take steps to reduce the chances of downtime. By eliminating and steering clear of adware, you will not have to deal with distractions that can slow down productivity. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how our solutions can increase business efficiency.