managed IT services PhiladelphiaManaged IT services in Philadelphia can be acquired in a kind of "turnkey" way that can substantially reduce your operational costs. You don't need to go with the entire outsourcing of your tech; you can do it by degrees. That said, the more you refrain from a full switch, the less competitive you're likely to be and the more resources you're likely to lose. It's expensive to maintain servers, end-user portals, backup systems, mobile operations, upgrades, patching, and all the other things that go with owning and operating your own internal network. Consider these several key concepts:

  • Desktop as a Service and Device as a Service
  • BYOD
  • Cloud computing
  • BDR/DRaaS

Desktop as a Service and Device as a Service

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia can help you launch a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. If you're unfamiliar, this is like accessing the internal network of your servers but on a cloud array instead. It's a networked desktop that can be accessed, updated, etc. from anywhere by anyone with a secure connection and access permissions. This is securely done and has gotten to the point where it is very viable.

Then there's Device as a Service (DaaS). Now, this DaaS has yet to reach that same level, but it has been explored in some markets. It works like this: A tech company provides uniform end-user portals to your workers and they maintain them as well for a low monthly fee. You don't have to upgrade, troubleshoot, purchase, or hire personnel for your end-user portals anymore; that's substantial savings. As yet, few organizations offer this, but it's coming. Meanwhile, there's yet another way to defray the maintenance expenses associated with end-user portals.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) uses a DaaS cloud interface to make it so that your employees can simply use their own computers to work. They can clock in and clock out via cloud computing and get work done wherever they happen to be. This allows them to schedule life better, gives greater satisfaction, and is aligned with expanded productivity. Plus, your employees maintain the computers themselves, though you could use an MSP to help them.

Cloud Computing

Now cloud computing solutions make Desktop as a Service, Device as a Service, and BYOD possible. End-user portals only require a basic level of operational ability to be properly used, provided there's a strong cloud solution in play. If you cut out your servers, your onsite end-user portals, maintenance costs, and personnel involved in the spending, you're going to save tens of thousands of dollars a year.


Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) and cloud-based (DRaaS) Disaster Recovery as a Service can make crash recovery a managed solution that is reliable and continuously secure. This will also save you tens of thousands associated with onsite or offsite backup solutions.

Decreasing Maintenance Costs, Expanding Profitability

Managed IT services in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you with turnkey IT to a degree that you'll save tens of thousands annually and will have expanded resources to increase profitability. Contact us for cutting-edge technology solutions, consultation, technology support, and more. The more streamlined your business's operations, the more profitability you'll see.