managed IT services Philadelphia, IT consulting PhiladelphiaManaged IT services providers in Philadelphia can help your business remain secure in a sustainable way. Keep in mind that you cannot just acquire one suite of security options and rely on them going forward. They will become antiquated within a few years' time. If you don't see why, just consider Moore's Law and associated implications.

Technology doubles on itself at 18-month intervals. Accordingly, hackers up their game in a way which keeps pace with Moore's Law transition. If you're going to be safe, you've got to outpace them. IT consulting experts in Philadelphia will suggest a number of things to help keep you safe, such as:

Incorporate All the Antivirus/Anti-Malware Options

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia provide businesses with automatic update and patching solutions which are absolutely integral to prevent against known viral outbreaks. In 2017, WannaCry hit businesses in May, exploiting a vulnerability revealed in March. Patching saved many businesses, those without up-to-date security in this regard were impacted. You need antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware (and associated internal education), and all the other software protection solutions which exist.

Wrap Network Configurations in Up-To-Date Firewalls

Think of each individual network configuration as a real estate implantation on the digital property of your business. Each new network is a new building on that digital property, and your operational surface area expands. The bigger the implantation, the greater the vulnerabilities. Firewalls must be put around each network for greatest security, and they've got to be updated ahead of tech progression.

Restrict Access to Sensitive Data Except for Authorized Users

The more sensitive the data, the greater restrictions should be. Have access protocols which employ multi-factor authentication strategies, and ensure only those who "need to know" are able to access that information.

Manage Passwords Using Best Practices and Update Them Regularly

Passwords can't remain static either; you've got to keep them moving. It's a lot more difficult to hit a moving target. Daily changes are ideal, weekly or bi-weekly updates are more manageable. You should be shifting passwords at least once a month.

Establishing Security

At Partners Plus, Inc., we provide managed IT services in Philadelphia which can help you strike a proper security balance and can protect your operation in a sustainable way going forward. Through password management, restricted access, contemporary firewalls, and continuously updated antivirus/anti-cybercriminal solutions, you can safeguard your business against the primacy of known threats. Contact us now and let us help you secure your business.