managed IT services Philadelphia, IT consulting PhiladelphiaMigrating to Office 365 is not a simple task to undertake, but it is well worth it. More and more businesses are making use of various cloud services, and there are a number of advantages to be had. If you are considering this migration, it’s a good idea to get expert assistance. With managed IT services in Philadelphia, you can plan and execute your Office 365 migration without falling into some of the most common associated mistakes.

Understand the Process

Before undertaking a migration to Office 365, you must be completely sure what it entails and what you are going to achieve as a result. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a move? Many people confuse an Office 365 migration with a SharePoint migration. The former involves a whole environment, while the latter pertains to a single application. You can consult with an IT consulting firm in Philadelphia to get you a fuller overview of the whole process.

Planning and Preparation

Such a large undertaking requires an understanding of the process, first of all. Secondly, sufficient planning and preparation must be made to help make it run smoothly. It’s a time for all hands on deck, and every department should understand how the move affects them and what their responsibility and contribution should be. It’s not something to be left entirely in the hands of your IT department or your managed IT services provider in Philadelphia. Engage and update your entire team and workforce about the migration plan. They need to know how it affects them and their departments. They also require training on the new system that is going to be in place.

Before carrying out the migration, consider running some full audits so that you are fully aware of what is on the system and what needs to be cleaned up. The information from the audits can be very useful in helping you perform the migration efficiently. Also, consider all the content you currently have. Having a content strategy that handles how you are going to store, share, and retain all your business content in the future is a great move.

If you have begun or are considering migrating to Office 365, you need an experienced partner. At Partners Plus, Inc., we offer managed IT services for Philadelphia businesses. We can help you through the planning and implementing stages of your migration. If you need IT consulting services in Philadelphia, get in touch with us.