managed IT services Philadelphia

When computer systems fail, managed IT services experts in Philadelphia can find a solution. The entire office and important projects are on hold when you cannot use the computers and access files. It is a necessity for any business to have a backup and recovery plan. This is best implemented by using formal backup recovery as a service (BRaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

When complications are anticipated and prepared for, they are much easier to overcome. This means the entire office can get back on track faster.


Backup recovery as a service is designed to give customers immediate access to their files in case of a system failure or other glitch. Human error can also cause the loss of pertinent information.

BRaaS allows for files to be available on an external device. This backup solution works by saving the most recent version of all files in the process of being worked on, so you do not have to be concerned about recovering the wrong version of your file. The benefits are undeniable:

  • Numerous backups throughout the day when necessary
  • Minimally invasive to the overall company system
  • Ensures continuations of important business in the event of a failure
  • Employees are guaranteed to be back on track quickly


Disaster recovery as a service is another valuable service offered by a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia. While backup can refer to need that occurs due to both minor and major computer complications, disaster recovery is usually required for complete failures.

When an entire computer system shuts down, there can be a period of panic, especially when deadlines for projects are approaching. Downtime also results in loss of revenue for many businesses. Disaster recovery is a protective measure for the whole of the system. Backup focuses on certain files. The loss of a few files may only affect one or two people’s workday. The system failure can shut down an entire office.

DRaaS provides a varying place for your organization to operate in the event of a failure. The implementation of DRaaS can benefit offices in many ways:

  • Preventative care can decrease threats of failures and ensure that your business has the best chance of staying fully operational.
  • DRaaS solutions can save money by eliminating the need for offsite IT maintenance and extra employees.
  • Recovery after a system failure can take only a few minutes with disaster recovery services implemented early on. Otherwise, a system can be down for hours or days.
  • Critical systems for office activity are determined ahead of time. This allows for your IT provider to implement immediate recovery response for pertinent applications.

It is necessary to initiate managed IT services in Philadelphia as soon as possible during a new business setup. When a company starts out with proper backup and disaster services, the risks of complications is decreased immediately. Partners Plus can help you plan for the future of your company with our preventive and responsive applications. We are here to take the fear out of failure possibilities. Contact us now for more details.