IoT Considerations

managed IT services PhiladelphiaManaged IT services in Philadelphia must increasingly help clients educate themselves pertaining to smartphone security. These devices are everywhere today, and they seem to be increasing in usage rather than decreasing. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, the Fitbit--- all these things are technically IoT, or Internet of Things, technology. They've got a web connection, and this allows them to do what they do. The issue for you as a business owner comes with employees being rife with these devices. IoT represents some substantial risks if you don't lock it down in terms of security, especially smartphones. Following are several smartphone security tips that many MSPs advise clients to enact and may even help facilitate:

  • Screen Lock Usage
  • Be Careful with Applications
  • Ensure Careful Browsing Protocols
  • Institute Remote Wipe Capability
  • Be Cautious Around Email Links and Even Text Messages
  • Ensure Old Phones Have Data Wiped

Screen Lock Usage

You want to ensure that you have your screen locked whenever the phone is not in use. It makes sense to have a 30-second auto-lock feature active with a code that unlocks the phone. Even with this measure in place, you should be diligent in habitually locking your phone when you're done using it.

Be Careful with Applications

Managed IT services in Philadelphia will generally advise you against installing third-party applications of any kind. Sometimes, you have to, but ensure that you've vetted the app beforehand. Third-party apps are famous for acting as Trojans for underhanded cybercriminal attacks, like 2016's end-of-the-year DDoS attack all along the east coast. Avoiding third-party apps can help you keep from being exploited in such a way.

Ensure Careful Browsing Protocols

Make it so that there are restrictions on certain websites internally. This may be a very effective method if it matches your operational needs. This way, your Wi-Fi network doesn't usher in something through a smartphone utilizing it. With any company IoT device, browsing must be done conscientiously. MSPs can help you design browsing protocols that fit your business while safeguarding you against problem areas on the internet.

Instituting Remote Wipe Capability

If a device with sensitive information is lost or stolen, you need to be able to wipe it remotely in order to protect your data. If you don't have such protections in place, there are often options through the right MSP.

Links and Texts

Cybercriminal entry often occurs as a result of either text messages or email links that have been designed to give the "bad guys" a foothold on your network. Institute policies pertaining to what can and can't be opened within your network. Ensure that your operations avoid that which could be a cybercriminal entry.

Wiping Old Phones

You're going to have to update at intervals; there's no real way around it. Technology continues to develop. Institute a protocol that ensures that old devices are wiped before they're sent off to be re-purposed or disposed of.

Secure Mobile Operations

Managed IT services in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help you design a comprehensive mobile security solution that will help ensure that your devices don't incidentally compromise your network. Contact us for cutting-edge technology, security and service delivery, along with information pertaining to the best technology solutions for your company.