managed IT services Philadelphia, VoIP PhiladelphiaVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the modern managed IT services in Philadelphia which allows phone calls over the internet as opposed to using the conventional calling system. VoIP offers businesses many benefits such as increased control, lower costs, hosted operations that yield lower maintenance and hardware expenses, as well as many service numbers.

VoIP, however, may be associated with certain security vulnerabilities that your business must address to ensure your system is secure. For instance, a fraudster can hack into your account and make many international calls, shooting up your premium rate charges. To secure your VoIP in Philadelphia, you must work closely with your provider to eliminate chances of mixed controls and protocols.

In a bid to secure your services and reduce fraud, your provider will do some testing on accessibility and penetration. This includes:

  • Determining router configuration to determine its suitability to VoIP
  • Doing a load analysis to monitor the number of sessions and close the unnecessary ones
  • Adding clustered firewalls to improve the protection, reduce redundancy, and improve overall security
  • Implementing penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and remedy them

Security Measures for Your VoIP System

  • Monitoring call behavior - Always be on the lookout for your business’s call patterns. This will help you identify any anomalies in your call patterns, and you can be able to manage it and stop fraud right on its tracks.
  • Using access lists - Your managed IT services provider in Philadelphia should safeguard your IP address and allow access only through it. This will minimize scamming and identity theft cases.
  • Geo profile - Determine the geographical location that you can call and block the rest to strengthen your VoIP security.
  • Monitoring traffic - It is important that you analyze traffic to stop any intrusions on vital business components. All the data you need is available on your VoIP system.
  • Controlling credit limits - You can manage abuse or misuse of your VoIP services by setting up the credit limit. Determine your credit limit based on historical and current spending.
  • Call routes and VPN connections - Choose where to route your calls and ensure your outbound traffic goes through your selected routes only. Additionally, use a virtual private network (VPN) to limit vulnerabilities.

While VoIP implementation gives you operational and cost benefits, you have to ensure it is ultimately secure for you to reap its benefits. A managed IT services provider in Philadelphia will work with you to ensure your VoIP is secure at all times. If you would like to learn more about VoIP, security, and other managed IT services, contact us at Partners Plus and our professionals will be there to guide you.