managed IT services Philadelphia

The IT world is filled with a vast amount of threats, so keeping your network safe and secure is not that easy. A network can be vulnerable to a cyber attack if it is not appropriately protected. Thankfully, a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia can isolate your public servers from your LAN. It is a great way to reduce threats. This new layer of protection has become known as DMZ, which is a military term relating to North and South Korea that stands for demilitarized zone. A DMZ is an area of protection that prevents hackers from gaining access to the LAN through public servers. For example, if cybercriminals hack into the public server system, the LAN will not be comprised because it is separate from the general servers. It can also give your IT team more time to respond to the threat because it prevents easy access to your LAN. Here are more ways that an IT provider can keep access restricted between the LAN and public servers through a DMZ:

Monitoring Capability

A managed IT services provider in Philadelphia can monitor your network 24/7. If anything suspicious is detected on the public servers, an IT provider will immediately have a technician to investigate further. If a threat is found, it can be restricted from spreading any further due to use of a DMZ. Obviously, this gives the IT team a significant advantage over hackers as they can find a threat before it causes widespread damage to other areas. Knowing that your networks are safe and secure will also give you the peace of mind.

Isolates Threat

As stated earlier, the use of a DMZ will isolate any threats and give adequate time to your IT team to respond and prevent widespread disaster. On the other hand, failure to use an IT provider can put your company at serious risk. Hacker can easily gain access to the LAN through a public server and steal confidential information. Ultimately, through a DMZ, sensitive information will not be found on public servers and the IT support team can isolate the threat before it spreads to other areas.

A managed IT services provider in Philadelphia can keep your network safe from malicious software, cyber attacks, and hackers. The use of a DMZ will allow your networks to be protected from these attacks, as it separates them to prevent anyone to access your network. At Partners Plus, Inc., we specialize in keeping companies safe and protected from the wide variety of cyber threats. Our technicians are trained to monitor all of your servers round-the-clock and will help prevent your company from becoming another victim of cyber warfare. We also provide the highest standards of customer service and will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through any IT issues. Contact us today and let us ensure your network security.