managed IT services PhiladelphiaBecause disaster can strike a company in a multitude of ways, it is essential to have a professional managed IT services team in Philadelphia for maximum protection. While many business owners automatically consider natural disasters as the main reason for a disaster recovery plan, it is important to realize that your business is much more likely to lose critical data in other ways. Here, we’re explaining the three most common disasters companies face:

Hardware Failure

Hardware failure can occur at the worst possible times for your company. Hardware failure can be the result of many different scenarios, including a network outage, power loss, or even a cyber attack. Our IT support team can help you avoid a crisis by regularly backing up your data onto an offsite cloud server. These data backups are automatic, which means you will never have to worry about losing data due to hardware failure.

Human Errors

Another common cause of data loss is due to human errors. Employees are never perfect, but partnering with our managed IT services company in Philadelphia can help your company recover from the mistakes employees might make. Providing additional training courses can minimize the chances of an employee making a mistake, while also allowing them to gain valuable knowledge to help them become more productive on the job. Our IT team can help you establish a disaster recovery plan to minimize the chances of an employee causing significant data loss.

Mechanical Issues

Similar to hardware failure, mechanical issues can create a wide range of problems for your business and lead to significant data loss. Whether it is an overheated server room or a construction worker accidentally cutting an internet cable, it is important that your business is prepared for any of these scenarios. Our team can help your business create a detailed disaster recovery plan that minimizes data loss and helps your company bounce back from any mechanical issues.

A disaster recovery plan is essential for your business. Hiring our managed IT services team in Philadelphia can help your organization prepare for any disasters. At Partners Plus, Inc., we help businesses thrive in the face of disaster. Our mission is to keep businesses well protected at all times. For more information, feel free to contact us. We are always available to answer any IT-related questions and guide your company on the many benefits of a disaster recovery plan.