IT support Philadelphia

Computer maintenance is an ongoing necessity for both home and office computers, and it can be accomplished by having IT support in Philadelphia. Computers require certain programs and updates to stay healthy. A computer can easily get bogged down with unnecessary files and even viruses, just like our bodies can during flu season.

What to Look Out for

Computer viruses come in various forms and can take over a system quickly. They are “virus” because they can duplicate and spread from one computer to another. This is accomplished by connecting to a file that is incorporated into a viable application. They are designed to do different things. When you are aware of what to look out for, it can be easier to get control over the problem.

  • Trojan - Trojan viruses have been around a long time. These viruses can easily trick PC users. They are introduced to the user as something that a user would normally use. Once you initiate the program, the virus takes over and all information on the computer can be retrieved. Symptoms of a Trojan virus include a slow running computer, applications that refuse to start, and open windows online that you did not open yourself.
  • Scareware - Many people have been exposed to this type of virus without realizing it. A good example of this type of virus is a “warning pop-up”. These warnings pop up as you are trying to do execute other activities on your computer, often during online activity. They usually contain a text “warning”, telling you to act now because your computer is in danger of infection. There really is no threat to your computer unless you act on the instructions. Scareware often presents as an antivirus program. If you see a pop-up like this, it is time to consult an IT support provider in Philadelphia.
  • Botnets - Botnets are a little different than other viruses. They may not harm your computer, but they can be used to access sensitive information. There are usually several computers working together to find discrepancies in security systems. Look out for random pop-ups, internet connection issues, and falsely sent emails.


A good IT company can easily set your company up with proper security software and monitor your computers on a regular basis. There are a few important steps that your IT company initiates to keep you safe:

  • Regular updates - IT specialists know the latest threats and are immediately aware of the updates that defend against them.
  • Patches - Patches are basically repairs for holes in security programs. Your chosen IT company can apply them to your system quickly when they become available.
  • Scanning program - A quality security program that is installed properly can scan for threats on a regular basis.

Security threats are a regular part of computer use. Make IT support in Philadelphia a necessary part of your technology setup. At Partners Plus, we strive to keep business computers and information safe from these risks. We can implement a solid security program and provide constant surveillance of your system. The workday can continue without glitches when we are on guard. Contact us now for more information.