managed IT services Philadelphia, IT consulting PhiladelphiaManaged IT services providers in Philadelphia acknowledge that cybercrime is the leading economic risk for enterprises running on or relying on technology for their operations. Thus, they recommend implementing network security best practices. Cybercrime accounts for the data breaches that have affected at least 30 percent of all the enterprises as reported by PWC's Global Economic Crime Survey.

Besides, the average economic loss from a cyber-attack is $7.35 million for U.S companies. In the event of such a dire outcome, your business may never recover. However, you can take advanced measures to improve the defenses of your network security--- with the help of an IT consulting firm in Philadelphia:

Stay Up-to-Date with IT Compliance Requirements

Data security is a shared responsibility in the world wide web, and both your clients and governments are concerned about data breaches. There’re regulations that advance network security best practices and help you ensure the security of your data. These laws, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO are mandatory and implementing them enhances network security policies to thwart cyber-attacks. Also, they provide faster network and application performance, which improves your network efficiency.

Implement Standard Data Back Up

Managed IT services in Philadelphia are your best chance of realizing reliable, offsite backups for your data. They facilitate the creation of incremental backups that are accessible. This implies that, even in the event of an attack, you can restore the affected systems with all your data, including, financial files, databases, word documents, and server logs. However, ensure that you test your backups to confirm their accuracy and integrity. The best approach is to run a restoration test.

Implement an Organization-Wide Security Policy

Network security infrastructure is essential to preventing data breaches, but without a culture of security awareness, your efforts will be futile. Put a security policy in place that requires your employees to an agreement to maintain a secure network. This will sensitize them to take cyberattacks more seriously and bear the responsibility of preventing attacks. Such a strategy can be improved by educating employees on the specifics of network risks such as social engineering attacks and spear phishing.

Restrict the User Permissions of Remote Employees

Network intrusion often arises from external, malicious actors. However, they’re rarely successful in contrast to intentional data theft attempts by authorized users within your organization. To prevent this threat, you need to restrict access to information on a need-to-know basis. Employees within a certain department should be on a segregated subnet with privileges limited to their scope of work.


Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia like Partners Plus can help you secure your networks and keep up-to-date with leading-edge security solutions. Contact us today for more information.