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After Bill's presentation, "people were inspired to give more thought and reflection regarding their computer decisions." I think you really opened some of the eyes of our entrepreneurial members (as well as my own), to the current threats to their information systems and networks, and not only how they could proactively counter these threats, but also how they could use their networks and technical resources to grow their businesses in the process. You made quite an impression. Based upon how much people appreciated your content, as well as your warm and inviting style, I believe it's only a matter of time before we'll have you back again.

Rick D., Executive Director

Solved and Completed the Issues

We called Partners Plus because of internal computer issues. Bill Hogan called us back within 15 minutes. Great guy; he showed up the next day as promised. He solved and completed the issue and did not charge us anything because, "he didn't even take off his jacket." He also made some suggestions to us. I would not hesitate to call or recommend him in the future.

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Always in a Timely Manner

Fantastic service and friendly people. Bill Hogan and his staff do great work and always in a timely manner. Definitely recommend to any small business  in need of IT support.

Nick H., CPA

Overnight Monitoring

Partners Plus took over our IT servicing in January 2009 after their free IT business review found several problems with our network that our previous IT group hadn't told us about. Part of their service that really attracted us to Partners Plus was their nightly monitoring of all workstations and file server. Then, at the peak of our busy season, the overnight monitoring found my laptop had a bad sector that I didn't know about! They had the hard drive replaced and had me up and running without any incident before noon! If we had been with our old IT company, my hard drive would have died and I would have been screwed! Thank you Partners Plus!!!

Buck R., Director

Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy and Great Service

As the office manager for [a] CPA, I must say Partners Plus is a great IT company. Bill Hogan and [the] staff are always accessible - and in my office especially during tax season it is an absolute necessity! We have been with Partners for MANY years and they have seen us through our many hardware/software issues and changes with honesty, integrity, courtesy and great service.

Deborah S., Office Manager

Extremely Competent

We were computer illiterate. Partners Plus did a great job bringing us into the computer age. They're real professionals. Very organized, extremely competent and they make themselves available to us when we need them.

Joseph G., Doctor

Got Us Up and Running Quickly

First time working with them and it was great! Googled them because I needed someone quick for our office. They answered and were pleasant and sent someone right out. He got us up and running quickly! Life savers!

Shanna F., Billing Manager

Rescued Us

We had BIG problems on a Saturday night, but our network installer was based in North Carolina. Partners Plus answered our call, came right over and rescued us from an immense disaster.

Aimee P., Business Manager

Easy to Get Through Difficult Problems

Our [auto group] has been a client for four years and our current in-house IT person [had] just retired...Bill and his crew stepped up their game and personally helped us by coming here weekly. Their professionalism, knowledge and friendly staff make it very easy to get through some of our most difficult problems.

Susan E., Controller

Knowledgeable and Personable

We moved our mid-sized firm to Partners Plus Inc and have been extremely pleased with the level of commitment, dedication and security we have experienced since doing so. Bill and his team are always responsive and thorough in explaining any questions we have, and are very knowledgeable and personable. In short, we could not ask for a better IT firm than Partners Plus Inc. We thought we were secure but now we KNOW that we are.

Sherry L., Office Manager

Quick and Friendly Nature

When we first brought in Partners Plus, our systems were a mess. They came in with an affordable and efficient solution, and implemented it seamlessly. Since then, they have done various upgrades and configuration changes, all of which [went smoothly]. The best part of the whole experience has been the quick and friendly nature of the service they provide. Partners Plus has our complete confidence and loyalty.

Peter L., Agency Manager

Reliable and Honest

Bill Hogan and the entire team at Partners Plus are knowledgeable, reliable and honest. Our company has been working with them for just ove four months and we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work. Highly recommend.

Gina F., Director of Project Management

Completely Confident That They Could Help Me

Bill was great! I own a salon and our computer crashed, so I asked my friend if he knew an IT person and he referred me to Partners Plus. From the moment I called, I felt completely confident that they could help me. Bill came to the salon the next day  and took the computer with him, fixed it and brought it back the next day. I highly recommend Bill and his company!

Kerri M., Owner

Thoroughly Satisfied

Partners Plus provided top quality and reliable service from start to finish. We are thoroughly satisfied with their performance.

Laura R., Director

He Didn't Skip a Beat

The changeover...into the server environment for us was relatively painless...It doesn't matter how long or short the walk is...Partners Plus is there to hold your hand and belay some of your fears. They've been great! To be down for any length of time was just really not an option, never mind losing the data. So it was great to be able to plug a new system in [so quickly]. Everything was on the server and he didn't skip a beat, just reinstalled and we were back up and running. It was amazing.

Steve R., CEO

Benefitted Ever Since

Partners Plus has been a partner indeed! We called them in dire need and we have benefited ever since. Bill stabilized and secured our current system, and sundry other services were provided to ensure our network and application software fully serve our membership.

Viv H., Life Coach

I Have Never Hesitated

We have worked with Partners Plus for the past four/five years. Quite simply, we wouldn't stay with an outside vendor if they weren't providing the service and results we require to do our work. I have never hesitated to give them a call to help us resolve our IT issues.

David C., Assistant Director

Has Their Act Together

Partners Plus has their act together in supporting our business with the network and IT needs.

Jeff H., Vice President

Patiently Trained Us

We are a small business who needed our technology brought up-to-date. Partners Plus helped us purchase the right equipment, set it up and patiently trained us on how to use it. Their help has made our tasks much faster, more efficient and accurate - a huge plus for small businesses today.

Steve P., Sales and Support

Helped Us Tremendously

Partners Plus is very responsive to our needs. They helped us tremendously throughout our business development period. They react very quickly and professionally.

Bo B., President

Pleasure to Work With

Your search stops here! The team at Partners Plus is top notch. Not only are they responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with--they have taught me the tips and tricks to keep myself and my organization safe. Thank you Bill and team!

Britney S., Director of Regional Sales

Extremely Proactive

Bill... and the team at Partners Plus are a great choice when looking for an IT support company. They are incredibly responsive to any questions or issues that arise. Most importantly, they are extremely proactive in their management of our IT services. They will discover and address issues before they ever become a problem. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for IT support.

Joe C., Lawyer

Never Let Us Down

We've been successfully partnering with Partners Plus for over four years. They've helped us to manage not only our networks, but also have provided invaluable assistance in managing technology. Essentially, they have a commitment to living up to their company's name, that has never let us down.

Peter B., Vice President

They are the best, period.

Bill Hogan and his team are...and have been for more than two decades during which I've known them...the most knowledgeable IT techs I've ever met. Bill is devoted to ongoing education, putting him on the cutting edge of new technology, and, more importantly, putting him in front of all the problems happening with existing technology. As a business owner, I've run into more than my share of IT-posers, time-wasters and money-wasters. Bill and his team are the real deal. When I first met Bill--he saved the company's operations I was running at the time. When I changed companies and moved into the family business, Bill came and saved the nightmare that had been created there too. I've been referring one IT professional for 25+ years now...Bill Hogan and his Partners Plus team. I don't see any reason to stop referring them. They are the best, period.

Joe H., Owner

Doctors Office Runs More Smoothly

A decade ago, before P+, we used to have company-wide connectivity problems, where all offices would be down, sometimes for days. No longer happens.

Remote service from P+ insures fast response time and often "off hours" support and updates that don't interfere with conduct of our daily business.

Frequent education, security warnings, and updates shared with staff, combined with P+ monitoring, enhance our HIPAA compliance program and lessen concerns about cyber security.

Recommendations for new equipment purchases and P+ installation, file transfers, and updates save time and money.

Bill Hogan is professional and knowledgeable.

P+ has brought our company's IT system into the 21st century. As long-time satisfied customers, we would highly recommend.

Gregory M, MD. Medical Firm

Always Accessible

As the office manager for a CPA Firm I must say Partners Plus is a great IT company. Bill Hogan and staff are always accessible - and in my office especially during tax season it is an absolute necessity! We have been with Partners for MANY years and they have seen us through our many hardware/software issues and changes with honesty, integrity, courtesy and great service.

Debbie S., Office Manager CPA Firm

Excellent technical knowledge

Partners Plus combines excellent technical knowledge with down-to-earth, pleasant people who are genuinely concerned for our business. They are a breath of fresh air and we always look forward to our interactions.

Andy J., General Manager Trucking Company

Protected by Partners Plus 24/7!

Dedicated and responsive! We have been a client of Partners Plus since 2006. Bill and his highly trained and committed team always answer the call. I can go to sleep at night knowing my business is being watched and protected by PP 24/7!

Stephen B., General Manager HVAC Company

Awesome Support through Pandemic

Partners Plus handles all of our data and communications needs. They are proactive and offer suggestions for improving our business. We appreciate them monitoring our computers to avoid potential problems. During the pandemic, their support was awesome since we had people working remotely!

Charlie P., Owner Insurance Company

P+ Knows their stuff!

P+ Knows their stuff! They give you the straight and honest information you need so you can make an decision about your computer system.

Once the order was placed for the server, I was really behind the scenes; I did not have to get my hands dirty.

I was almost not involved in the server install, and that is what I love as an owner.

Most companies jump on a problem and are reactive, what we got was a proactive type of company with Partners Plus.

Sandy K., President Plumbing Company

No issues with downtime

When you look at the time it takes for me to get something done, Bill does it more effectively.

No issues with downtime.

Bill is proficient on the communications side, not just network.

Highly reliable and knowledgeable.

Dan J., President Kitchen Design Firm

Without P+, I'm not up and running

Have always been satisfied with P+.

Bill has more than paid for his services.

I love the ability that P+ can remote into our network, its priceless.

I don't feel left behind in the crowd because he can remote in with multiple clients.

Without P+, I'm not up and running.

Bill Hogan is God.

Craig F., Owner Physical Therapy Office

P+ is the Mercedes of IT

P+ is the Mercedes of IT.

P+ tries to accommodate your needs that work with YOUR schedule.

Give anyone a 30 day trial, they will see the value.

Rich M., President Insurance Agency


My experience working with Partners Plus is always pleasant and they usually exceed my expectations.

Michael B., General Manager Auto Group

Always Available

We have been a client for 4 years. Our current in house IT person just retired and Bill and his crew have stepped up their game and personally helped us by coming here weekly. Their professionalism, knowledge, and friendly staff make it very easy to get through some of our most difficult technology problems.

Sue E., Controller Auto Group

Great people to work with!

We have been using Partners Plus for many years. Whenever I or my team have any questions, they are so quick to respond and knowledgeable. Great people to work with!

Ashley Q., Agent & Specialist

Took care of my IT problem

Bill Hogan was very professional and got here quickly. Took care of my IT problem [quickly] and was very nice. Definitely will use him again for [any] IT issue we have.

Pest Management Company

Met All of Our Needs

I have been a client of Partners Plus for over 10 years. Bill and [the] team have always been responsive and met all of our needs. Thanks.

Seth K., President

Very Responsive and Professional

We had an urgent need. Partners reviewed all of our systems, validated all of our accounting - which was a complete mess - interacted with several tax bureaus on our behalf, and even helped us interview a key staff member. They were very responsive and very professional in the way they helped us.

Jack G., President

Excellent Service

Partners Plus provided excellent service as usual with our new phone system upgrade. We upgraded to Star2Star and are very happy with our decision. They not only provided us with a smooth and quick transition, but explained the process along the way and made sure that we were fully prepared with our data and staff. We were able to approach Bill before our decision and he helped us pick out our system and explained why Star2Star was a great fit for us. We looked at several different networks and we are so happy with his recommendation. He also provided us with a hands-on demo and helped us select the best phones for our needs. We were even able to select one that was compatible with all of our recently purchased new headsets.

P+ assisted us with not only every installation detail, but also all of our set up details and initial training. Overall, we have actually saved money upgrading to a new system. It was very outdated and lacked current features that we need for a more complex voicemail box set up and inter-office transferring options. However, we also got a much more secure and efficient network in return, along with a lower monthly cost. We have also increased our office productivity and efficiency with the new systems that Partners Plus helped tailor to fit our needs.

Maggie P., Office Manager Insurance Agency

One Phone Call

One call and problem solved! No matter what computer related issue I'm having, P+ takes care of it. I love the fact that I can make one phone call and it gets taken care of quickly and professionally.

Dave G., Co-Owner HVAC

Important Resource

Bill's team of IT Services in Delaware is an important resource to keep our system running smoothly and most importantly securing the data.

Pete R., CPA CPA Firm

IT Genuis

Bill is an IT genius! He and his team are very efficient in working through our IT challenges.

Tom G., President Kitchen Design Firm


I am thankful for Partners Plus because... When I kill a computer you bring it back to life!

Dawn G., Office Manager Kitchen Design Firm

P+ has a calm, professional, and thorough approach

P+ Network Audits provide you an eyes wide open road map of where you are so you can navigate the course ahead and make it a smooth ride.

P+ has a calm, professional, and thorough approach to the business at hand.

Bill is not an alarmist or someone who is motivated to provide an outcome that is self serving to him.

Bob M., President Temp Law Firm