managed IT services PhiladelphiaThe decision to hire managed IT services in Philadelphia comes down to your financial concerns and business needs. While hiring IT personnel can work if you find appropriate talent, you will often get a better deal outsourcing to a firm that can bring more knowledge and skills to the company at a lower cost. Here are some of the key advantages to outsourcing to experienced IT professionals that charge a flat-fee.

Nix the In-house Team and Save

The main advantage to hiring your own in-house IT team is that you know you'll have tech support when you need it. But there may also be times when the staff is idle, in which you're paying extra money. Instead of paying salaries even when work doesn't need to be done, you can save money outsourcing for a flat monthly fee. The fee will cover predictable activity that you've agreed to be conducted on a regular basis.

A network administrator can typically earn close to or over a six-figure salary for work that will cost less by outsourcing. At one time it was necessary to have an on-site IT expert to fix all problems. But these days much of the work can either be automated or done remotely. Using an outsourced 24/7 help desk can be a powerful solution for handling customer issues.

Outsource for Quality Talent

By outsourcing to managed IT services in Philadelphia, you have a much better chance of tapping into deeper technical expertise. Even if you demand your in-house IT team to stay up-to-date on new technology, an MSP will have more access to new technology by working with vendors and providing customized solutions for various clients. It helps when you work with professionals who make it their lifestyle to stay ahead of the curve.

Another reason why you'll get more expertise from an outside firm is that it may either target a vertical market or a diverse market that demands to learn as much as possible to be competitive. The chances of hiring your own network administrator who has deep knowledge on a wide range of issues are slim unless you can afford to pay someone for that level of expertise that covers multiple niches. A company that hires specialists is more likely able to cover a vast range of knowledge at a lower cost.

Tapping into diverse expertise is a major reason why businesses turn to MSPs. If the company is well-developed, it can provide experts who study and learn your business model. They can guide you through scalability issues, as well as take proactive steps to give your digital assets maximum protection. Security alone is an area of technology that is constantly evolving, due to the increase in cyber threats. An in-house team runs the risk of falling behind in security, whereas a managed services team is more likely to keep up with modern solutions.

You can run your business more efficiently by outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in Philadelphia that charges flat-fees. If you are ready to take this important step toward business growth, contact us at Partners Plus, Inc to learn more. We customize solutions for businesses that want to build relationships with technology partners so that you can maximize profits and productivity.