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Partners Plus recommends permanently removing the SecurityEdge service if you have a Comcast subscription for your small business. The Comcast Business website advertises SecurityEdge for small businesses to be able to “safeguard” their network. Comcast Business offers a discount to include SecurityEdge service in orders; however, the service significantly lowers network security.

Nowadays, some businesses use data-sharing applications such as Dropbox that are not fully secure. Our company does not allow access to Dropbox and similar data-sharing applications but SecurityEdge disables our security protection. Without this security protection in place company staff can move data off the network without authorization. Also, a significant portion of our data protection for your network is voided when SecurityEdge is not permanently deleted.

Some disadvantages to SecurityEdge service are rerouting DNS, inserting ads, and disabling security. SecurityEdge lets you monetize your business by rerouting your domain name system traffic through Comcast. Also, SecurityEdge allows Comcast to insert ads into your internet traffic. Finally, SecurityEdge disables your security stopping the hackers who gain a foothold on your network from accessing the tools they use to attack your network and data.

Overall, the Comcast Business SecurityEdge service is designed to make Comcast money, not keep you safe! Using the information in this article consider permanently removing SecurityEdge service from your Comcast Business subscription. For proof that SecurityEdge service compromises your network visit because if you see the website your security is compromised. Make sure to permanently remove SecurityEdge service not only disable because disabling means SecurityEdge will be restored randomly.

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