IT support PhiladelphiaThere is no doubt that when used properly, mobile devices can bring huge power and efficiency to the workplace. The problem is that mobile devices also introduce a wide range of security vulnerabilities; not just to the data on the devices, but also to any business systems they connect to. With the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in companies, every organization needs to employ Mobile Device Management (MDM) with IT support in Philadelphia. MDM simplifies all key tasks and strengthens your IT security.

What is BYOD?

There used to be a time when companies would provide employees with dedicated work tools like laptop computers and mobile phones. Only those devices would be allowed to connect to the company’s systems. As cybersecurity became a greater threat, many companies forbid employees from using personal devices for company business.

BYOD is a corporate policy that allows employees to use their own choice of personal device for some or all of their work activities, from phone calls to accessing email and the cloud, and even operating corporate systems. This potentially makes it harder for the employer’s IT staff to keep track of devices, ensure they’re secure, and manage the provision and cancellation of access privileges.

Enter the Power of MDM

MDM is a powerful set of technologies that makes it much easier for your IT team to make sure that BYOD devices are used properly, connect to the systems they need to connect to, remain secure, and don’t get lost. And, if they do get lost or stolen, MDM tools make it easy to track the device down, remotely wipe the device, and suspend all access to secure systems.

With MDM, you get the best of both worlds. Your employees can use the devices with which they feel most comfortable (and, therefore, get the most work done) while your IT systems remain as secure as possible. But it’s not just about reacting to problems via IT support in Philadelphia.

MDM Monitoring/Alerts

Sophisticated MDM tools also automate sophisticated monitoring of both BYOD devices and their systems activities. Policy-driven configuration means that the MDM platform ensures that BYOD devices are only used in line with corporate and IT policy. If anything looks suspicious or wrong, proactive monitoring flags this up and issues alerts.

Repetitive tasks are automated, reducing your IT overheads. Potential issues are spotted and addressed before they become costly problems. With MDM with IT support in Philadelphia supporting your BYOD, everybody wins! Partners Plus, Inc., can help you implement BYOD and MDM that works for you. Contact us now!