IT services DelawarePower blackouts and brownouts have long been a potential problem for businesses. However, with the revolution in the digital economy and computing, the risk of power grids going down has become a major threat to the health of many organizations. Large multi-nationals can afford to have comprehensive plans in place but even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can and should take steps with IT services in Delaware to ensure they suffer minimal business interruption if they lose power.

What are Blackouts and Brownouts?

You probably already know what a blackout is. It’s when the power supply is cut completely, plunging a building, neighborhood or city into darkness. However, brownouts can be more of a problem. Brownouts are when the electricity supply doesn’t operate at healthy levels, denying sophisticated electronics of a steady power feed. This can cause a range of problems, even damaging hardware and destroying data.

Power Security Tools

The ideal way to guard against a blackout is to have alternative power sources. That means having a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for every desktop or server computer on which you depend. You also need UPSes for other kinds of critical infrastructure such as CCTV, telephone equipment, internet hardware, and network equipment. UPSes will at least let you shut down computers in a safe way until the power comes back up.

Lightning Strikes and Other Disasters

Many UPSes also filter or condition the power supply, protecting equipment against brownouts. However, even UPSes and filtering cannot protect against lightning strikes. This is where the latest IT services in Delaware can come in particularly handy. By migrating critical services to enterprise-class platforms in the cloud, perhaps using a managed service provider, you can protect vital data and services against even a lightning strike.

A managed service provider can ensure your key systems are always on, protected against disaster hitting your offices, and available anywhere via the internet. With your operations in the cloud, your staff can easily shift their base of operations to home or alternative office locations with little or no interruption.

Backup and Recovery

Another advantage of moving from on-premises servers to cloud-based IT is that your backup and recovery regime and be geographically secured against disaster. Leverage the bandwidth and technology of the cloud to keep your business up and running.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes--- that will be too late. Make plans and take steps now to protect your business against power problems with IT services in Delaware. Partners Plus, Inc. can help you gain the confidence that you’re fully prepared. Get in touch to learn more.