Get the most out of your employees, and help your employees get the most out of their time.

You’ve got a great team of employees. They’re eager, hardworking, and punctual. But they’re unable to begin their day on the right foot because their computer has a Hard Disk Drive. It may take them 20 minutes just to get logged into their computers and open the necessary apps and browsers. Then, doing simple tasks take forever, apps crash constantly, and screens freeze. It’s frustrating and a waste of both their time and your money!

If that wasn’t bad enough, for those still operating on hybrid schedules, they have to worry about all the moving parts within the HDD breaking. Throwing their laptop in a bag between home and work consistently can lead to breakage and data loss. If you’re wondering what to do, looking to your managed IT service providers for advice was the right next step!

Whether your computers are old, your employees are hard on them or they’re simply slow as molasses, our IT services company has the technical support for you! Replacing your HDD with a Solid State Drive will help your computer run at a much faster speed, accessing and loading information with ease. They give old computers new life, eliminate lag time, and can handle operating system and app updates (the latter of which is vital to security!). Additionally, the design and development of SSDs have resulted in one durable piece! SSDs will make incident management all but nonexistent. This may all sound like tech company jargon, but we promise you’ll notice the difference without any further persuasion from us.

Your employees will save time and you’ll get their full worth and day-to-day productivity! You’ll pay $99 for an SSD if you get it through Partners Plus, your IT service provider. We can also do the installation, which typically takes half an hour, at your normal rate! Our IT consulting staff will come to you, taking away the headache of wondering how to replace that HDD. We’ll ensure you don’t lose anything and that the HDD is disposed of properly.

We even put our money where our mouth is. By day two for our newest employee, we installed an SSD into her computer! We timed the difference and had drastic results! All the steps within powering her computer up took on average 24 LESS seconds. With the HDD, it took minutes to power up, whilst once she had the SSD, it didn’t even take one minute. Restarting her computer led to even more extreme results! Instead of taking over five minutes, it took under two minutes! If NOTHING else, save your team the annoyance of sitting around, waiting on their computer!

Interested in decreasing wasted time and frustration? Email us at [email protected] or text/call 302-529-3700 to get an SSD up and running! Your team will thank you for the continual improvement.