computers2Companies are often looking at their infrastructure and what makes sense from an economical standpoint. One thing that often comes up is whether or not to outsource your IT department or keep it in house. An in house IT department may not always make sense for small to medium sized businesses. Following are some reasons why outsourcing may be the smartest move for your company.

  • Reduces your cost by 50% per downtime incident because IT Firms typically offer niche engineers and employees with varying areas of expertise and a wide range of knowledge which equates to more efficient work for lower overall cost
  • Annual salary of your employee/ employees and costs of all the most up to date trainings and certifications are not on your dime
  • You will have more time to spend focusing on your business rather than putting out fires
  • Frees up internal resources so you can allocate your time to growing your business
  • Technology is constantly changing along with the area of compliance
    1. You will get direct access to a full team with high levels of technology and expert resources that you would otherwise not be able to afford
  • Infrastructural and network risk will be outsourced. You can focus on better service to your clients and better training of your employees in other areas.

Based on an article by David Bennett (LinkedIn) Owner of Connections for Business, Florida

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