managed IT services PhiladelphiaWith the need to deploy the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and cut operational costs, businesses are turning to managed IT services in Philadelphia for network services. Savvy business executives understand that outsourcing network support helps improve network reliability and reduce operational costs. In fact, a profound report by Gartner highlights that outsourcing network support reduces networking costs by 25 percent.

By offloading the TCO of your computer networks to an MSP, you can achieve significant cost savings from network equipment purchases to maintenance. Besides, an MSP charges for network services at a flat rate for all of your needs. Here are more benefits to outsourcing network support:

Network Monitoring

Your networks can’t work efficiently without the right architecture and configuration. In addition, a poorly set up network is prone to inefficiencies and results in downtime. Despite redundancies, alternative routes for traffic won’t help if a broken link goes unattended.

Thus, network monitoring is essential to help identify faults with the network architecture and its feeds. It also facilitates the proactive resolution of problems to overcome costly fixes in the aftermath of an IT disaster.

Without monitoring, disruptions will cripple your operations, and an extreme case like a data breach could force you out of business.

Invest in a Unified Monitoring Platform

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia help businesses overcome the ‘solution creep’ concerning network monitoring and troubleshooting. It is common for network engineers to end up with various tools for networking tasks. However, being caught up in a ‘solution creep’, which could add up to ten tools or more, as reported by the Enterprise Management Associates, drives up your TCO.

Instead of combining various networking tools to monitor your systems, invest in a unified monitoring platform, which will save you money and free the time you would’ve spent running various tools.

Diversify Your Redundancies

The cost of network OpEx extends to the person-hours spent in an attempt to recover from network crashes. Even if you have redundant networks, they won’t lower costs if they share the same infrastructure. Your redundancies should be on different infrastructures and fiber connections to guarantee fault-tolerance.

Diverse redundancy implies that you have disparate providers in each location to shelter you from regional network outages. Also, you should carry out drills on crash recoveries for better preparedness.

As a result, you’ll be able to recover from network outages quickly and overcome the menace of prolonged downtime and the consequent losses.

You need a dependable managed IT services provider in Philadelphia that excels at helping businesses optimize their network infrastructure. Contact us now at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn how you can benefit from our services.