Our Security Package comes in two versions depending on your company's needs and provides additional, around-the-clock protection.

     We spent years preparing this Security Package and are thrilled to provide the security your company deserves and desperately needs. With ransomware attacks costing small businesses $5,500+ on average in ransom and costing even MORE in weeks of downtime, and in total requiring up to 280+ days to recover, this Security Package is the best protection we can offer. Add this to your monthly membership & you'll be able to sleep soundly at night.


  • We monitor the network 24/7 for any suspicious activity on the server and workstations/laptops.
  • We lock up backups with separate credentials.
  • We block bad content and monitor for attempts to compromise/breach while working remotely.
  • We provide cyber insurance with better coverage and better pricing because we correctly manage what’s most important.


  • We get 24/7 notifications of any suspicious activity on Office365.
    • This decreases hackers’ ability to utilize your emails’ data or logins for harm.
  • Anti-spam and AI-based email monitoring combats phishing, spear phishing and imposter take-over.
    • We train and test employees and give them the ability to independently report phishing emails.
    • We detect email threats from prohibited domains.
  • We back up all your Office365 data, which isn’t a Microsoft feature.
  • We separate corporate email and other data from personal data on employee cell phones.


  • We combat infected sites by:
    • keeping Windows patches up to date and installing firewall updates.
    • blocking bad/unnecessary content, with exceptions as needed, on work computers.
  • We combat malvertising via content blocking and GOIP (blocking two-way traffic from bad countries).
  • We inspect Internet traffic from both secure and insecure sites.
  • We block fire sharing websites.
  • We utilize basic and advanced download scanning through anti-virus and firewall.


  • We offer a team-based password manager and generator that also implements 2FA with ease.
  • We get notified if login credentials were part of a data breach and prompt you immediately to change them.
  • We offer mobile phone confirmation upon logging in to workstations.


  • We manage and research updates for third party software.
    • We disallow unstable ones and allow stable ones to improve security.
  • We manage your Microsoft updates for you and disallow/hold unstable ones.