managed IT services PhiladelphiaOne reason managed IT services providers in Philadelphia are so good at helping you both spot and avoid phishing scams involves their core tech discipline. A tech company has to remain cutting-edge and keep security provisions informed pertaining to cybercriminal trends. Internal tech divisions aren't often able to do so as well because they must concentrate on overall business operations, troubleshooting, patching, updates, etc. You'll get better security at reduced expense through security as provided via MSP. This is especially true in terms of phishing scams.

There are many known scams circulating right now, but new ones always develop. Anticipatory security recognizes features of phishing scams and helps you to avoid them. Meanwhile, proactive operational design helps keep you abreast of developing phishing threats. Ransomware through North Korea's WannaCry attack didn't require users to have access information phished. Proactive patching was key to avoiding compromise there. Diverse solutions will characterize comprehensive security suites. With that in mind, several tips to help you avoid phishing scams include:

  • Being able to spot email fraud
  • Reducing regular phishing attacks
  • Identifying mass phishing attacks

Being Able to Spot Email Fraud

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia provide monitoring and support which can be designed to screen emails. Additionally, they can help your team identify fraudulent emails. Look at the time an email is sent, look at the address, look closely at spellings, and look at the body of the email. If it's personalized, is it urgent? If it's urgent and personalized, is it requesting money or account numbers? Is grammar bad? Is spelling suspect? Look for signs like these; they often indicate phishing attacks.

Reducing Regular Phishing Attacks

PaaS (Phishing as a Service) utilizes tech innovations to initiate phishing scams that are available through a black hat cybercriminal agency at a percentage. This means phishing attacks have a tendency to increase in frequency. MSPs can help you identify frequent phishing scams mass-emailed out, and block those who send them.

Identifying Mass Phishing Attacks

Mass-phishing attacks may or may not have a long list of recipients. They'll likely have a mass verbiage about them, and the clever ones deign to be lawsuits or social media emails. Here are some examples of mass-phishing emails.

The security needs of modern IT are always in flux. You must make it your core prerogative to remain on the cutting edge. Managed IT services in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help educate staff pertaining to common characteristics of phishing scams. We can also proactively monitor operations and help safeguard your business against known threats. Contact us to better secure your operations.