managed IT services PhiladelphiaManaged IT services providers in Philadelphia offer cyber-security solutions to help businesses deal with today’s cyber-security threats. Businesses must accomplish integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of their information. It's the first factor in realizing the ability to prevent and recover from cyber attacks. For your business to withstand severe and persistent threats, strategizing about cyber-security needs to be supported by an experienced and advanced cyber-security specialty company.

Here are the key components of a reliable cyber security strategy:

Security Training

Your staff poses the greatest vulnerability to the security of your business. Therefore, training them on security awareness is an effective way to limit their vulnerability to phishing, social engineering, and password cracking attacks. Besides, hackers take advantage of the weakness of staff in case they make a human error in cyberspace. If you follow a BOYD policy, a misplaced password can be stolen and used to launch network-level attacks.

Network Security

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia offer network security services to help you shield your networks against intrusion by hackers. Network security is critical to protecting your IT infrastructure against intruders because it's the gateway to all of your business assets and critical information. Partnering with the right IT provider gives you unlimited resources and tools to monitor your network 24/7/365.

Network monitoring gives you security alerts in real time for better management of network security through machine learning technology for accurate identification of security breaches. An IT provider will also provide you with network control tools to limit access to various segments of the network to authorized personnel only.

Cloud Security

If your employees use cloud computing technologies, your business must also address the security challenges that affect the cloud. Adopting application security (AppSec) will help you secure the web application layer of cloud-based services. Application security protects your website code, and it's verifiable through penetration testing as well as fuzzing.

Implement Software Patches

Performing due diligence on your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, such as outdated software patches, is critical to preventing security breaches. Software security patches are effective in eliminating possible weak points that hackers may exploit to target you. Failure to apply software patches is a grave threat to the security of your enterprise. So you should ensure that all of your due diligence reports are implemented. A patch will save you from the troubles of a security breach.

Implement Backups

The first line of action in the event of an IT disaster caused by a cyber-security breach is to run a disaster recovery effort from your backup. Without data backup, your business might not ever recover. Making complete, daily, and accurate backups of your data in the cloud and offsite is an effective approach to help you recover in the event of a cyber-security breach.

At Partners Plus, Inc., we help businesses develop effective cyber-security strategies for greater resilience against cyber-security threats. To address the fragility of information in the modern IT landscape, we offer reliable managed IT services in Philadelphia for comprehensive cyber-security solutions that are on par with industry standards. Contact us now to learn more about our services.