Excellent Service

Partners Plus provided excellent service as usual with our new phone system upgrade. We upgraded to Star2Star and are very happy with our decision. They not only provided us with a smooth and quick transition, but explained the process along the way and made sure that we were fully prepared with our data and staff. We were able to approach Bill before our decision and he helped us pick out our system and explained why Star2Star was a great fit for us. We looked at several different networks and we are so happy with his recommendation. He also provided us with a hands-on demo and helped us select the best phones for our needs. We were even able to select one that was compatible with all of our recently purchased new headsets.

P+ assisted us with not only every installation detail, but also all of our set up details and initial training. Overall, we have actually saved money upgrading to a new system. It was very outdated and lacked current features that we need for a more complex voicemail box set up and inter-office transferring options. However, we also got a much more secure and efficient network in return, along with a lower monthly cost. We have also increased our office productivity and efficiency with the new systems that Partners Plus helped tailor to fit our needs.

Maggie P., Office Manager
Insurance Agency