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The National Security Agency published a February 2023 document that notifies the public of the importance to secure all Internet of Things (IoT) devices because they are capable of acquiring information and recording audio in addition to video. This article is going to review some of the recommendations that the NSA made so, your home is one hundred percent secure. A few examples of the IoT devices that the NSA refers to are security cameras, printers, and smart devices because all of the devices that can connect to the internet could be hazardous to a homes overall security if a home owner does not handle their IoT devices accurately. The NSA cannot stress enough how important it is to practice cyber security to protect personal information at home and confidential data at work.

The first way that the NSA recommends to practice to secure your home network is in reference to cloud-based voice services such as the popular IoT device Amazon Alexa because a microphone can be hacked by a cyber criminal so, NSA recommends to limit private conversations. Do not keep your microphones on unmute when you are not using a cloud-based voice service in your home. For example, a home owner has an Amazon Alexa in his kitchen and uses it when he hosts holiday gatherings so, the NSA recommends he mutes the microphone when the Amazon Alexa is not in use. If you have a cloud-based voice service in your home it is best to begin to practice muting the device to protect yourself and your family at home.

The NSA recommends a few precautions for laptops and computers so, cyber criminals are less likely to use your data in cyber crimes like updates, cover cameras, and encryption. Most laptops and computers have automatic updates that resolve security vulnerabilities so, the NSA recommends that you double check your updates are set to automatic; if your home laptop or computer is not capable of automatic updates than manually update them one time a month. Another recommendation from the NSA is to cover your laptop and computer cameras whenever it is not in use so, your laptop and computer are not a vulnerability at home. All web browsers have an address bar at the top where a user can type in the URL of the webpage they want to visit and the NSA recommends to only visit a webpage that has a lock icon on the left-hand side. The lock icon indicates an encrypted webpage so, cyber criminals can not eavesdrop on your information. If you use these precautions on your home laptop and computer the chance of you being a victim will lessen.

One recommendation that the NSA provides that Partners Plus, Inc. offers as a service is data back up and recovery. The NSA recommends to use external storage to back up you home data and if you practice this at home you will make it part of your work routine more, too. To read more about the recommendations that the National Security Agency offers about things like administration limitations, WAP, and device reboots use the link:


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