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The Web Hosting Company GoDaddy Inc is Having Problems With Their Clients’ Domains Being Compromised

A well-known content creator was telling the owner of Partners Plus, Bill Hogan, about his clients with GoDaddy-based domains being compromised. Several mishaps occur when a compromise happens like malware, loss of access to email, and loss of domain. GoDaddy clients whose domains are compromised lose control of their website; the website is either compromised with malware or completely replaced. The unfortunate victims of this GoDaddy breach lost access to their email and domain. For most of the victims that were affected these are permanent losses.

A compromised domain is a serious situation for any company and law enforcement should be contacted as well as the hosting provider. The recovery process is hard and proof of domain is required when a domain is compromised. A hacker who takes control of someone’s domain will either try changing the information like name or payment information of the domain or DNS configuration. When this occurs the victim can have a hard time proving that they own the domain. Examples of proof of your domain name are records of registration, billing, or marketing that the hacker used with your domain name.

Partners Plus recommends avoiding this type of breach by choosing a different registrar for your business or taking these cautionary measures if you insist on keeping GoDaddy:

  • use a password that is over 12 characters and isn’t used elsewhere;
  • set up a unique PIN;
  • set up two-step verification (using Google authenticator, not text/SMS to your phone);
  • double-check your billing information is correct (including address);
  • remove anyone who does not need access;
  • remove all unnecessary API keys on;

All in all, the security issues that GoDaddy customers have encountered in the past few years are a red flag for any business owning a website. Bill Hogan will discuss your different web hosting company options as well as help secure your information when using a web hosting service. Don’t fall victim to malware or permanently lose your domain due to GoDaddy’s hype because there are other web hosting options!

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