IT support WilmingtonDeciding to transition from on-site content to the cloud is only half the battle. Actually, implementing Office 365 is the other half. Do not rush into the process of migration. Plan carefully, and the transition will prove as seamless as possible. Below, IT support experts in Wilmington share some important ways to make a successful Office 365 migration:

Start with Baby Steps

IT support experts in Wilmington are fond of stressing the importance of a making a gradual transition to the cloud. Get the ball rolling with some initial objectives. Do not attempt to implement every single bit of information at once. Reach out to IT experts to help you divide the migration process into several workstreams and timeframes to permit a gradual yet thorough transition.

Planning Makes Perfect

Gathering information about the existing IT environment is essential for deploying a successful Office 365 strategy. Make sure everyone is on board. Your staff members should understand the overarching aim and scope of this important project. Gather figures, facts, and other data about the current IT environment. An office 365 setup mandates servers, components, DNS, network architecture and more.

Take advantage of Office 365 readiness checks. This automated tool collects information regarding configuration requirements, gauges the on-site environment to guarantee requirements are met and generally makes the conversion that much easier.

Prepping the Move

The next step is to zero in on cleaning up the on-site environment in anticipation of the migration. Verify the domain name through Office 365 by way of the Microsoft Online Services portal. Clean the on-site Active Directory for synchronization with Office 365. Enable the ability for single sign-on. Add the sync tool, and synchronizing will prove quite easy.

The Final Steps

Don’t forget to shift mailboxes and other business content from the on-premise space to Office 365. From assigning licenses to notifying staff of the migration, migrating mailboxes, changing DNS records, and moving current files and folders, there is plenty to do. Assigning licenses is important so employees are provided timely access to the software. Do not stress out about shifting over your current folders and files. Make use of a migration tool, and this challenge will prove surprisingly easy. Once migrations are complete, conduct a full-scale test of Office 365 to ensure it functions exactly as you envisioned.

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