Don’t Settle for 1-Ply IT!

We offer premium service at a competitive price.

We want to ensure YOUR business is SECURE and SUCCESSFUL!

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to have complete confidence in your IT support. Not only should they be telling you you’re safe, but they should also be showing you! One too many of our clients have thought they were safe with their last IT provider, only to find themselves victim to ransomware or without up-to-date backups.

Although IT technicians’ duties may seem confusing and obscure to you, what we do truly is imperative. With ransomware hackers’ methods only intensifying, it’s important to have a great line of defense. This should be made up of both human experts and anti-ransomware technology (Sophos State of Ransomware Report 2021). With Partners Plus, you get both!


We are committed to:

  • Fast response times,
  • Top-notch security,
  • Best Practices to ensure ongoing operations and
  • Educational training, all within…
  • Customizable & budget-friendly membership packages.

If you’ve outgrown your current IT provider and are experiencing chronic problems with your computer systems, I’d like to extend the following offer to you: two free hours of IT support. I will prove to you we can do a better job than your current IT services personnel.

I’m making you this offer because I’m confident we’re the best at what we do, but don’t think it’s fair for you to risk your money to find out. Just give us a call the next time you find yourself dealing with an IT-related concern. You don’t even have to become a long-term client! Our customers range from break-fix clients to decade-long members

How can you use your two free hours?

Feel free to call us TODAY if you’re currently fighting an IT battle. If you don’t have an urgent need, no rush! But, if you are interested in using your two hours sooner rather than later, we can also spend the time doing a complete audit of your system network.

During an audit, we can reveal:

  • inadequate data backups,
  • insufficient cybersecurity protocols,
  • IT glitches and downtime,
  • Reactive responses and…

  • A lack of defensive planning.

After all, we don’t want you to end up in the same boat as our clients we mentioned earlier! So, whether you have an issue for us to tend to or you’d prefer a two-hour audit, we’ll make sure to answer your questions and offer our expertise however you see fit.

If you need immediate help, call or text our number at 302-529-3700 and we’ll get to your site ASAP. If you don’t need immediate assistance, we’ll keep your two free hours on retainer until you need them.

P+ Rescued Us, Even on the Weekend

We had BIG problems on a Saturday night, but our network installer was based in North Carolina. Partners Plus answered our call, came right over and rescued us from an immense disaster.

I’m Completely Confident That They Can Help Me

Bill was great! I own a salon and our computer crashed, so I asked my friend if he knew an IT person and he referred me to Partners Plus. From the moment I called, I felt completely confident that they could help me. Bill came to the salon the next day and took the computer with him, fixed it, and brought it back the next day. I highly recommend Bill and his company!

P+ Got Us Up and Running Quickly

First time working with them and it was great! Googled them because I needed someone quick for our office. They answered and were pleasant and sent someone right out. He got us up and running quickly! Lifesavers!

We Have Benefitted Ever Since Calling Them

Partners Plus has been a partner indeed! We called them in dire need and we have benefited ever since. Bill stabilized and secured our current system, and sundry other services were provided to ensure our network and application software fully serve our membership.