IT support WilmingtonIT support experts in Wilmington can take the stress out of your business by managing data backups. Instead of relying on in-house personnel to conduct routine backups, let experienced experts handle it while your staff focuses on your core business. Here are ways that IT experts can assure high-quality backups:

Avoiding Backup Errors

A primary reason to let IT support experts in Wilmington manage your data backups is that untrained employees can make mistakes that are difficult to fix. Here are some of the most common errors that occur when copying critical data and applications:

  • Not enough focus on checking to see if backups can be accessed
  • Lack of emphasis on recovery time
  • Weak requirements for data protection
  • Improper use of backup tools
  • Failure to map out a strategic backup plan
  • Overuse of dated and cumbersome media such as tape

Keys to Quality Backups

One of the most important steps to making quality backups that is often overlooked is sufficient testing files and applications to confirm restoration is possible. Employees who are pressured to multitask tend to cut corners on procedures they think aren't important. They figure all they need to do is back up the data and the job is done. But without proper testing, there's no way of knowing if the resources can be accessed in an emergency.

In order to restore data quickly with confidence to avoid downtime, you need to know your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). Both RPO and RTO serve as time markers in relation to a disaster that restricts access to data. RPO represents the time marker to when data has been preserved for recovery prior to a disaster, whereas RTO marks the future when data will be completely restored.

Experienced IT pros understand which tools are appropriate to recover your data, whereas inexperienced technicians might try workarounds to compensate for lack of tools. By planning ahead, you will be able to avoid speed bumps that slow down the backup process, such as buffering. A quality IT team will also have access to modern media storage so that you can prioritize between critical data for digital storage and older, less critical data for tape or other more affordable solutions.


The key to maintaining business continuity or switching to backup servers is allowing IT support experts in Wilmington to do it for you. Assigning this work to experts frees up time for your staff to concentrate on other business matters. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can guarantee high-quality backups so that you can focus on your most important business goals.