IT support WilmingtonCybercrime is a significant concern for any business, but IT support firms in Wilmington can help you gain a better understanding of this malicious underground world. Cybercrime occurs in a wide variety of ways, whether it is the use of malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware, phishing scams, and many other styles of attacks. The underground world of cybercrimes is also a highly lucrative business and will only continue to grow more prevalent as companies increasingly rely on technology.

Type of Products Available

The dark web has a wide range of products available that can wreak havoc on any business, whether it is malware tools, software exploits, or access to personally identifiable information. Personal information such as emails is a treasure trove for spammers and is widely available throughout many areas of the dark web. Stolen usernames and passwords are also highly sought after by these cybercriminals. Of course, various forms of malware are always available, and these malicious tools can generate significant income for a cybercriminal. However, the use of IT support in Wilmington can give your business much-needed protection to avoid any of these cyber-attacks.

Type of Services

The underground world of cybercrime also has many different services available for malicious tools that target businesses of any size. For example, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a botnet attack that focuses on targeting the availability of servers. Exploit kits (EKs) are also widely available, as they focus on specific vulnerabilities within a computer system or software. These malicious tools provide significant income for cybercriminals and these services are always evolving to counteract the latest cybersecurity measures that are designed to protect businesses.


Cybercrime continues to expand at a rapid pace, but partnering with IT support firms in Wilmington can play a key role in keeping your company protected from these malicious threats. Cyber-attacks will continue to pose a significant threat in the business world, and it is essential that companies stay vigilant at all times for the ultimate protection. These cyber-attacks can cause significant downtime for any business and result in costly expenses. However, continually educating companies about the types of products and services available to cybercriminals can play an important role in preventing cybersecurity incidents in the workplace.

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