CyberImage7441-blogWe wanted to get this information out to our viewers as soon as possible. There is a website that surprisingly has a lot of your personal information. When you put your name into the search engine on this website your birthdate, current address, previous addresses and names of family and friends that are associated with you come up.

Obviously, this is all very disturbing and a website that as you can imagine, is highly trafficked by criminals and stalkers. You need to go onto this website to delete your information as soon as possible. Once you get onto the website and your name appears, scroll down to the Contact Us at the bottom of the page. It will then take you to a Contact Us page where in the midst of the red writing you will see a blue opt out link. You will than get pushed to the Opt Out of Records page. It could take 24-48 hours for your record to disappear. Obviously as more and more people are made aware of this threatening website the slower the process will become. I would continue to go onto the site until you are assured that your record is deleted.

Law Enforcement personnel are especially vulnerable due to the personal information that is shared on this website. Criminals can use this information to stalk the law enforcement officials or their family members for retribution.

Everyone is at risk with this website; therefore we hope that you will spread the word amongst your family and friends about deleting their personal information as soon as possible.

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