managed IT services PhiladelphiaWhen you let your employees use their own electronic devices for work purposes you could be opening yourself and your business up to cybercrime, but managed IT services in Philadelphia can help you control your vulnerability. Allowing your staff to use their own devices can be a huge aid to productivity, saving time and undoubtedly making work practices more efficient. As well as the convenience of being able to respond to customers or emails from anywhere, allowing these devices to connect to your systems also saves you the cost of additional equipment that is no longer necessary.

Unfortunately, unless great care is taken to secure these personal devices your infrastructure can be open to attack at any time. It is essential that all your employees are aware of how they should behave when logging onto your systems and how to protect their device in general.

Problems with Using Personal Devices for Work

There are three main areas where personal devices can have weak spots that hackers can exploit. These occur when they are used on an open wi-fi network, when users unknowingly download malicious apps or if the security is lower than it should be because patches and ad-hoc fixes have not been applied.

Your staff should be aware that using an open Wi-Fi is almost inviting cybercrime as it is a simple matter for hackers to access sensitive information from any device that connects to it. Malicious apps should be easy to protect against, as there should be a policy in place only allowing previously-agreed-upon apps to be downloaded. Finally, each user should be responsible for keeping all security up-to-date on the device including patches and fixes.

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia additionally recommend creating a security policy document that covers such aspects as secure file sharing, acceptable use of device particularly with respect to social media and security procedures such as password updating and encryption. It should also cover what would happen in the event of loss or theft of the device and how to prevent unauthorized users accessing your system.

If you are worried in any way about how your staff is using their mobile devices to connect with your systems, you might need to arrange comprehensive training with additional help from managed IT services providers in Philadelphia. With the increasing number of attacks on small to medium-sized businesses, security is of the utmost importance and a company specializing in data security and compliance issues like us at Partners Plus, Inc. can put your mind at rest. Contact us today to see how we can protect your company now and into the future.