supply chain attack

A supply chain attack is a cybercriminal who attacks a company and the other companies they work with. A supply chain attack will leave a company with data and financial loss. Also, a company could face disrepute if a customer’s data is exposed due to a supply chain attack. Cyber supply chain risk management is the best way to avoid a supply chain attack.

The idea of cyber supply chain risk management is for businesses to be on the same page about their network’s security. A cybercriminal using a supply chain attack is not going after one company but many connected companies. The cyber supply chain risk management that Partners Plus, Inc. recommends is having a comprehensive cyber defense strategy and regular security awareness training. Also, enable an access control gateway and download the latest security patch.

A comprehensive cyber defense strategy will prevent attacks because the employees create a plan in case of a breach. If a company conducts regular security awareness training, its employees can gain new knowledge to avoid the latest cyber crimes that cybercriminals are utilizing. Also, if a company enables an access control gateway, only users that had been authorized could access the company data, and some employees could be restricted permission so, fewer credentials are susceptible to cyber criminals. If a company downloads the latest security patch, its networks can be safe because it will defend it from the latest bugs. An example of a company that uses cyber supply chain risk management to prevent a supply chain attack is a leader in a company whose franchises enable an access control gateway so, franchise managers are the only employees able to access company data.

Another way a company can protect its network from a cyber criminal that wants to use a supply chain attack against them is by hiring an outsource information technology company for expert-level support. Partners Plus, Inc. employees provide all clients with the knowledge necessary to protect their networks from cyber criminals. Also, they promptly aid the clients when they have a priority issue with their network. A company that uses cyber supply chain risk management will better protect itself from a supply chain attack.

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