Years ago, the answer was easy Internet Explorer (IE), but those days are a distant memory.

Here’s the graph of current usage on the Internet:

So why does #1 Chrome have 6.5x market share more than IE + Edge? The reasons are fairly simple:

  • Chrome is faster
  • Chrome is more stable and secure – and it actively blocks malware
  • Microsoft has discontinued IE as a product line and Edge is having lots of issues (but is slowly improving). Additionally, Microsoft has pulled support for pre-IE v11 versions, and with market share for v11 below 5 percent – the end can’t be far off.
  • Chrome runs on more devices – Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android
  • Chrome allows you to sync your bookmarks, passwords, open tabs across devices
  • Chrome is actively adding features to make browsing better. Things like: blocking ads, blocking auto-play videos, and blocking bad sites.

What about sites that require IE?

The number of sites that actually require IE has been falling sharply over the last few years (and that the rate of decline as accelerated significantly in the last year or two). Many industries (like financial, insurance, government and healthcare) that have required IE in the past have either moved to supporting both or actually requiring Chrome. But there are a dwindling number of hold outs. For them, there is a solution that works within Chrome that will support almost all of them automatically and save you from switching to IE just to access them – or worse, sticking with IE (which costs you security, speed and stability) just to handle the “last holdout”. If you have a vendor that is still requiring IE for their site – please take a minute to drop them a line and find out when they’ll be supporting Chrome, if just might help them play catchup and increase their security at the same time.