First Place: Edge

  • It’s our go-to browser in-office.
  • It’s similar to Chrome but with better tracker blocking. They don’t make any money on tracking!
  • It’s a huge improvement from Internet Explorer.
  • There are three levels of tracker blocking within their settings.
  • It’s a Chromium browser, Microsoft-ized.

Second Place: Chrome

  • It’s a fast and secure browser overall.
  • Tracker blocking is limited–they gather user data by default.
  • Compared to Edge, it’s pretty bad for privacy…
  • Due to their abundant staff and resources, it is most regularly updated and patched.
  • It’s a Chromium browser, Google-ized.
  • When Apple launched App Tracking Transparency, requiring apps to ask you if they can track you across services, it was reported that Google tracks 27 pages worth of data. This was what caused Bill to switch to Edge primarily.

Somewhat Distant Third Place: Firefox

  • It automatically blocks tracking cookies from third-parties
  • Researchers have reported that their anti-phishing protections are impressive.
  • It encrypts your search queries.
  • It’s an entirely independent browser with Google as their default search engine.
  • Because it’s a standalone, non-Chromium browser, though, it is often trying to catch up to the other options in terms of advancements.

Honorable Mention: Brave (Browser) and DuckDuckGo (Search Engine)

  • For heightened security, we recommend this combination!
  • Brave has automatic ad and tracker blocking, therefore loads sites much faster
  • Brave’s encrypted through Tor when you turn on Private Browsing
  • DuckDuckGo is our recommended search engine for security but only has a mobile version as of now.
  • The ads you see are based on your search results, not based on what you searched.
  • With one tap, you can erase all browsing data.
  • DDG is Bill’s search engine choice to avoid being tracked but when researching tougher issues, Google pops up better results.

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