Would you like to improve your cell calls? Here’s how…

For the last few years just about all the cell carriers have released new features that can improve both call reliability and call quality – if they are turned on (often they aren’t).

The first of these features is Wi-Fi calling. With this feature enabled, your call will go through your Wi-Fi connection (Internet) instead of the nearest cell tower. What does this mean? It means: more reliable calls (especially in areas where cell strength is low) when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network (for example at home and work). It also means your calls will sound better.

The other feature (offered by most carriers) is known under a number of names (all of which mean the same thing): HD Voice, Advanced Calling, or Voice Over LTE (VoLTE). Normally, cell calls go over the voice-only connection to your nearest cell tower, this feature uses the data connection – so it’s a much better quality call. Different carriers have different rules about when a specific call is actually handled this way – but when it is actually used, it sounds great!

One note, these features are only available on the latest phones (the last few years) with the latest software. For iPhones that would be the 6’s and 7’s (with a few of the 5’s) using IOS 9 (or better). For Androids that would be the high-end models using v6 (Marshmallow), v7 (Nougat) or v8 (Oreo).

Here’s how to turn them on:

Please take a moment to review your carrier’s notes about usage for each of these features, as they all have a slightly different take.

Once you have it setup, I believe you’ll really enjoy the reliability and call quality!