IT is a vital pillar in any modern business today. This is probably why you’re considering finding an IT person in the first place. When you sit down to start planning what you will need in an IT person or department, you will, in most cases, become quite overwhelmed. The “job description” for a well-rounded IT department is as follows:

  • Mobile device management
  • Marketing/website/SEO integration and management
  • Telco/unified communications management
  • Compliance
  • Research and development
  • Cloud/hybrid cloud management
  • Hardware/software procurement
  • Application support & integration
  • Backup & Disaster recovery, configuration & management
  • Breach/cyber threat response
  • Cybersecurity policy & management
  • Cybersecurity defense design & management
  • Networking design, config, management
  • Server design, configuration, and management
  • Desktop support

An individual with all of these skills does not exist because managing them simultaneously while adhering to best practices is impossible. Even if someone had the talents to do a competent job in all of these areas, they would lack the discipline and interest to stick with them all. If you’re searching for a solo-in-house IT expert who can handle most of these responsibilities, plan to pay them quite a bit of money, yet still not get the ideal person.

Despite this daunting list, the second most difficult reason for this hire is that they speak another language. IT professionals rarely have business backgrounds. Therefore they approach business requirements like engineers: what gears must be turned, what new software is required, and how many weekends will it take? As a result, there is a gap between the business owner’s strategy and IT’s delivery.

What could possibly be better…

Because they speak another language and it is so hard to really understand what your company needs. Hiring a professional team can make so much more sense. In fact, the managed service model has expanded by approximately 40% in the last five years.

Partner’s Plus can provide your company with the IT management that you need at a much lower cost than having everything in-house. We have a team of professionals that stay on top of the latest and greatest on that list we have provided above. We understand that you need someone to help you with everything from the list but don’t have the knowledge or understanding to hire someone, and if you did, it would be a much larger investment than hiring a service such as Partners Plus.

What is Involved in Hiring a Manage IT Company?

Hiring a Manage IT provider requires your organization to pay a monthly fee for a service that provides all of the capabilities of an enterprise IT department for less than the cost of in-house staff. Aside from cost savings, business owners can be certain that professionals, rather than generalists, are handling crucial aspects of their technology. A managed IT provider such as Partners Plus uses regulated processes and systems, checks and balances, and explicitly communicated deliverables to hold them accountable for less. Not only do we have the professionals needed to get the job done properly, but we also focus on offering amazing customer service, asking for no vacation days, and being here when you need us 24/7.

About Partners Plus

Managed IT Services That Do the Work for You

Partners Plus began in 1991 as an outsourced IT department after working as the Director of Programming and a Consultant for six years. For 30+ years now, we have been 100% committed to ensuring small- and medium-sized business owners have the most reliable and professional virtual CIO in the Delaware Valley. Our dedicated team of professionals will solve your IT nightmares quickly and without confusion on your part.

Our customer-specific memberships deliver your needs without overstepping your budget boundaries. From cloud services and data backups to ransomware prevention and Dark Web monitoring, Partners Plus is here to work with you and your expert company, dependable outsourced IT support and security.

Partners Plus has locations and services the following areas:

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