IT support WilmingtonYour company can accelerate its profit margin goals by shifting to a mobile workforce and outsourcing IT support in Wilmington. Not only will you free up the hardware budget with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, you also will create a more comfortable atmosphere for employees. Here's a deeper look at how BYOD can improve your company's efficiency and bottom line:

Cutting Computing and Training Costs

The primary advantage of BYOD is that it cuts costs across the board. There will no longer be a need to provide each employee with a computer since they will bring their own portable device. This scenario reduces or eliminates further costs on energy, upgrades, and maintenance. If your staff works remotely from home or other locations, you can cut even more costs on office space.

Since employees get to use their own gadgets, there is less of a learning curve involved. That may equate to savings on training expenses and the time that training takes away from earning revenue for the company. Remote work allows for collaboration between team members who may be miles apart, eliminating travel costs while increasing productivity.

Generating a More Positive Atmosphere

Another solid argument for shifting to mobility is that it creates a more upbeat and productive workforce. Your employees will likely be more loyal to your company if they are allowed to use devices in which they already view as comfortable, familiar and convenient. The flexibility to bring their own device makes them feel that they are contributing to the company while enjoying the freedom to choose their own device.

Team spirit is at the core of business psychology. One way to make a team happy is to give them some of the things they want. Since the computer revolution has become complex for many people, allowing workers to bring their own devices is a simple solution for reducing stress and tension. The BYOD concept opens the door to less turnover and attracting higher level talent.

How IT Can Make Mobile Devices Secure

IT support experts in Wilmington say that BYOD has big advantages but also carries serious risks if you overlook security. You will need a mobile device management (MDM) software program to ensure that all these different brands and models of devices conform to the same company security policies. This solution can be managed by IT personnel from a centralized location.

An IT team can customize policies to fit your business. You may only want employees to access company information during an active session. When they exit the program, the data will no longer available on the device. An MDM solution allows you to partition devices into corporate and personal sections in case the device is lost or stolen. A proprietary app that uses an encrypted connection to your servers provides a safe work environment, assuming employees are trained to beware of suspicious emails, websites, and applications.

The combination of the BYOD model and outsourced IT support in Wilmington can make your business more appealing to employees. As long as you implement sensible policies, you will be able to produce more with less. Contact us now at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can strengthen your business communications and security.