A Corporately Endorsed Technique

IT support PhiladelphiaIT support in Philadelphia has been helping many businesses into microsegmentation. Many big organizations have found this process to be an exceptionally secure way to safeguard networks. One such organization is Juniper.

There is an automation product for open cloud networks called Contrail. Juniper has developed this product as an SDN (Software-Defined Networking) solution. The purpose of Contrail is to make virtual networks that are designed for scaling up business operations.

Recently, Juniper decided to make the security of their Contrail cloud much more sustainable through microsegmentation. Among multiple data centers, which still work on the same network, Contrail represents a very worthwhile innovation. That which is making it even more worthwhile is microsegmentation.

How Microsegmentatoin Works

IT support in Philadelphia can help your business get the right network software together for proper microsegmentation. This technique increases network flexibility through policies that do not require manual configuration but are defined by policies in software. Provided the right organization puts your microsegmentation solution into action, your business is likely to see information consolidation and complication reduction between disparate locations operating on the same network(s).

Microsegmentation takes a given network or data center and divvies it up such that logical boundaries are designed, allowing the software to manage the data center or larger network with top-tier IT security policies. You will see an increase in network performance alongside a simultaneous reduction of complications pertaining to network architecture.

Another factor that makes microsegmentation incredibly effective as a security and network-lubricating agent is traffic flow management. This software based infrastructural management innovation is able to act in conjunction with traffic needs- an essential aspect of effective security solutions. Since the software is policy-based, it can be deployed in a manageable way that has a certain flexibility defining it.


That said, a computer is only as smart as its operator. The following are some things that you need to do to see your microsegmentation solution being as effective as it should be:

  • Identifying and defining traffic patterns beforehand - "visibility"
  • A system for orchestrating and defining policies
  • A zero-trust approach to security

Traffic Patterns

These are tools that require information to work. Therefore, you have to provide the right traffic information for your microsegmentation solution. You have to be visible as a network, which means using analytics programs to define operations. The right analytics software can give you the necessary data you need to employ a functional microsegmentation solution. MSPs commonly help businesses of varying sizes to analyze trends.


Sometimes you will have a workload of the "problem" variety, which is a bit too taxing for proper microsegmentation. What you need is a system in place to create, manage, and define policies. This will help you to apply microsegmentation effectively.

A "Zero Trust" approach puts a total restriction on communications, only authorizing them as and where necessary. All traffic is treated as "untrusted,” access restrictions to secure data are in play, and breaches are minimized.

Microsegmentation Deployment

IT support in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help you identify patterns and policies, operate a zero-trust network, and cohesively maximize your microsegmentation deployment. Contact us to upgrade security and functionality across multiple diverse networks.