Changing Security Needs

IT services DelawareIT services in Delaware are usually going to provide better security than internal solutions. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, internal techs must focus on system maintenance, so they don't have time or resources to devote toward remaining technologically progressive. If they do, it can't generally be done at the same level as MSPs who have made such forward progression their core prerogative. The right MSP can help you find areas of vulnerability you may not be able to see from the inside and simultaneously assure that you remain up-to-date on necessary security upgrades as they come. Several common threats that an MSP can be instrumental in helping you both anticipate and avoid include:

  • Employees Represent a Consistent Security Issue
  • The Prospect of Piracy
  • Hackers and Ransomware
  • Natural Threats
  • Factor X

Employees Represent a Consistent Security Issue

It turns out that the biggest threats to your internal security may come from your employees themselves. This is because poor security practices commonly characterize online egress; from sub-par passwords to access of problem sites to incidental downloading of various malware, your employees can undermine your network if you don't educate them. Again, the goal posts are always moving forward. MSPs can help you regularly educate your employees and even provide you with regular input pertaining to changes. You should have training sessions at intervals as new developments arise and as you can afford them.

The Prospect of Piracy

Corporate espionage is definitely a problem today. Anti-spyware software, anti-piracy software, anti-malware and antivirus solutions help. Something else that could prove instrumental is proactive security monitoring. This way, anomalous activity can be detected and contained before anything proprietary or otherwise integral to your operations are stolen.

Hackers and Ransomware

IT services in Delaware can also help against hackers and ransomware attacks, like 2017's WannaCry incursion. Automatic patching when patches become available can make a lot of sense. If operations won't allow it, options that put new patches into the system as quickly as possible can be individualized through the right MSP. While you may think the size of your company may preclude you from attacks, this turns out to not be the case. Hackers often target smaller businesses specifically because they have a greater likelihood of having lax security.

Natural Threats

An additional consideration pertains to what insurance companies may call "acts of God." Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, freak hail or a freak plane crash--these things happen. Statistically, they're unlikely to happen to you. However, statistics are only a numerical way of understanding data points in reference to the bigger picture. They're not a guarantee that you will or won't be impacted by some unexpected disaster. Having remote data storage and cloud backups help, and MSPs provide both.

Factor X

Finally, there is that which cannot be anticipated or prevented against. There's no way to tell what will go wrong. The best you can do is prepare for what you can anticipate and hope redundant measures overcome Factor X.

Securing Support

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you with comprehensive security solutions. Contact us for more information on potential threats and how to safeguard yourself from increasingly turbulent cybercrime.